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BCH blockchain

Blockchain.com Launches New Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Block Explorer

Based on a recent report, Blockchain.com now offers a new tool which allows users to browse for transaction hashes, blocks, and address on the BCH blockchain. With the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer, people can now peer into the inner workings of their virtual currency. A New Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer For the benefit…
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a cryptocurrency charity

Bitcoin Cash Clothing Charity Expands to 12 Cities Across Canada

According to a recent report, just a year after its launch, Coins 4 clothes, a cryptocurrency charity which gives people rewards in the form of bitcoin cash for donating their fairly used clothing has announced its expansion to a dozen cities across Canada. Coins 4 clothes are Live in 12 Cities The organisation which has…
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Cryptofightclub coin

Demystifying the Crypto Market With Cryptofightclub Coin

The crypto industry has had its ups and down and has grown into something worth fighting for. The industry is now regarded as a community with millions of active daily participants. As a community, the main goal is to push the adoption of cryptocurrency and make it one of the biggest financial markets in terms…
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scam of dapp reported by MetaMask

MetaMask Blacklisted the Number one Ethererum DApp

MetaMask a very active and popular Ethereum online wallet browser extension labels 333ETH as an active scam. This is following a series of accusation from various members of the community in the recent month. The State Of The DApps also defines 333ETH as “crypto fraud”. What is 333ETH? The 333ETH is a decentralized application that…
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