Demystifying the Crypto Market With Cryptofightclub Coin

Demystifying the Crypto Market With Cryptofightclub Coin

Cryptofightclub coin

The crypto industry has had its ups and down and has grown into something worth fighting for. The industry is now regarded as a community with millions of active daily participants. As a community, the main goal is to push the adoption of cryptocurrency and make it one of the biggest financial markets in terms of market capitalization and audience.

Apart from this common goal which connects all members of the community, there are other deeper connections which have to do with the everyday struggles of life.

There are some people who believe that no struggle or problem is new. Going by this, the problems each and every member of the crypto community face in their various real lives also connects them. So whether your struggles has to do with advancing at work to the next level just like in a game, coordinating like-minded individuals in one purpose, ensuring all your family is taught to have meaningful ideas to survive in the world, you are not alone.

Going by a popular quote from Lewis Grizzard. “The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity.” So just like playing a game of football or defeating that Boss level in a game paralleled like defeating the demons in our lives, everyone is actively participating in the game of life.

To show further how connected the crypto industry truly is, through the fights and struggles we all go through in our separate lives, a coin designed to represent these struggles was created.

The coin which goes by the name Crypto Fight Club coin grows with the community. The value of the coin is designed to grow with every milestone the crypto industry reach in its global adoption path.

Crypto Fight Club coin

This coin is designed for the crypto community. Its value is strongly pegged against the crypto community’s believes, hopes and what the technology can offer to everyone. Right from its inception, the coin has garnered support from the crypto community. Multiple developers, faucet owners, web designers, users, combined their knowledge and experience to create a decentralized, but full value coin that may be utilized in all facets of trade for goods and services— Cryptofightclub coin.

The crypto market can be quite overwhelming for beginners especially. The volatility exemplified by the crypto market is another factor that has scared many people away from the crypto market. With the Cryptofightclub coin, the crypto market will get demystified.

The function of the Cryptofightclub coin

In order to fill the ever-flowing need for development and innovation, there will be a subscription fee associated with the use of Crypto Fight Club information centers. The purpose of a subscription fee is to facilitate community voting, access the information portals for various projects, contact with the team leader and developers.
Note: the use of the coin itself is not tied to any fees from the service (only transaction costs and trading fees will be charged to most users of the coin).

The use of podcasts will be implemented on a variable schedule form once a month to once a week. This will provide the community with near real-time updates on the progress of current projects.

Store merchandise and apparel
An online store will be available for members of the community. Income from these sales will go directly towards the development and growth of Crypto Fight Club.

Community information hub
The hub will consist of multiple content writers with team leaders who will oversee and assist in verifying content writers for accuracy. There is support planned for the hub. There will be two webmasters to ensure the site’s functionality and redundancy for the best possible uptime, updates and new innovations.

Low to nearly zero fees
With all the great technology built into the base of the project, Crypto Fight Club Coin is a currency with nearly zero transaction fees. The safety of your funds and keeping it in your control is the project’s highest priority.

Fast transaction speeds
CryptoFightClub Coin runs on a lightening network with speeds to back it up. Funds are sent nearly instantly.

With so many functionalities revolving around the coin, and the community support the project has, Crypto Fight Club Coin is on the right path to surpassing the bitcoin in few years to come.