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LUXY-Polygon Studios Strategic Partnership Will Transform the NFT Experience

Florianópolis, Brasil – October 26, 2021 – LUXY has recently announced a strategic partnership with Polygon and Polygon Studios. Along with the partnership, LUXY has secured a grant to develop and grow its NFT marketplace and move one step ahead. This partnership is meant to benefit LUXY NFT Marketplace by integrating the features of Polygon Studios and…
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CatBread – Retro Arcade Games With Minting NFTs And Improved Tokenomics

BIRMINGHAM, AL / July 31, 2021 / The first Retro Arcade Game platform mixed with NFT was released a few days back by the name CATMAN. Launched under the ambit of CatBread, it represents an ecosystem that features a deflationary token system. CatBread offers benefits to the players, collectors, artists, indie game developers, and token holders. CatBread has…
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Plutus NFT

Plutus NFT | Integrating the Gaming World with Blockchain and NFTs to Monetize the In-Game Items

TORONTO, ON, April 26, 2021 — Plutus NFT aims to synchronize gaming, blockchain, and NFTs. As a cross-chain applicator, Plutus NFT aims to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into the gaming world enabling the community access to the components created with blockchain like NFTs to flow between different games. Plutus NFT also allows the game developers to mint, distribute,…
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MegaCryptoPolis – Ethereum-Based Decentralized City Builder Introducing DeFi Functionality With $MEGA Token

Decentralized projects have gone to a whole new level over the last few years with blockchain-based decentralized applications (DApps) becoming more robust and user intuitive. DApps give blockchain developers the freedom to curate interesting strategy games with global players interacting with each other in a peer-to-peer manner. Furthermore, the decentralized smart contracts add a new…
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RightBridge Ventures

RightBridge Ventures to Acquire Gamma Innovations from Animoca Brands to offer Investment Opportunities to Gaming and Tech-savvy European and Scandinavian Investors

18 August 2020: RightBridge Ventures AB (“RightBridge Ventures”) and Animoca Brands Corporation Limited (“Animoca Brands”) have initiated a strategic partnership with the acquisition of Gamma Innovations Inc. (“Gamma”) by RightBridge Ventures. RightBridge Ventures will acquire from Animoca Brands Limited (a subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited) the entire issued capital in Gamma Innovations Inc., being 9,000,000…
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Fireball – A Smart Contract-based Decentralized Rewards Platform for Stakers

A majority of the blockchain projects today are moving to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model due to its ability of higher performance efficiency and scalability. The PoS platforms allow users to stake their digital currencies and run validator nodes on the platform thereby ensuring the platform security and smooth working. However, there are not many…
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p2p lotteries

The Golden Fever Platform: Next Generation Blockchain Lottery and Gaming Platform

The use of blockchain technology in game development has been found to be more advantageous than most traditional platforms currently on the market. When it comes to gaming, especially those that have to do with gambling (online sports betting, casinos and lottery) blockchain technology helps to solve two of the major problems associated with the…
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