The Golden Fever Platform: Next Generation Blockchain Lottery and Gaming Platform

The Golden Fever Platform: Next Generation Blockchain Lottery and Gaming Platform

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The use of blockchain technology in game development has been found to be more advantageous than most traditional platforms currently on the market. When it comes to gaming, especially those that have to do with gambling (online sports betting, casinos and lottery) blockchain technology helps to solve two of the major problems associated with the industry, fairness and transparency.

Apart from the robust nature of blockchain technology which makes the gaming experience better, the use of DLT for mainstream game development will help to introduce more people to the technology.

Recent times has seen the launch of projects designed to properly integrate mainstream gaming idea with blockchain technology, especially those that have to do with the gambling industry. A typical example of such a project is the Golden Fever project.
The Golden Fever project is designed to provide a platform for fair p2p lotteries and games. The project team and third-party game developers create games on Ethereum and Tron smart contracts or masternode coins with commission from winners.

Some part of the commission charged from winners of the games is awarded to Golden Fever coin support on exchanges and some other portion of the commission is awarded to games developers, for platform development and platform marketing.

The Golden Fever boast of a high level of unity as it is used as a payment for lotteries, sponsored by the GFR team or other coins. Also, users of the platform are assured of accountability as each lottery is calculated to be fair and economically profitable. Another important feature of the platform is its variety. The platform has unlimited types of lotteries, which assures the engagement throughout time. Each of these lotteries provides users with the chance to win amazing prizes such as masternodes, bitcoin, altcoins and actual devices, like Ledgers or iPhones. Also with each lottery played, the awareness of GFR coin increase and the price is driven up.

Smart Contract

The Golden Fever platform is centred around smart contracts. As a result, we can’t talk about the platform without talking about what smart contract is, how it works and what are the benefits of using smart contracts on a gaming platform and in games in general.

What are smart contracts?

It is a computer algorithm designed to enter into and maintain commercial contracts in blockchain technology.

What are the benefits of using smart contracts:
  • Transparency: You can always be sure of the chance to win, fair distribution of awards and 100% receipt of your winnings.
  • Flexibility: Play anywhere with any bets. No one decree you
  • Low commissions: Commissions are significantly lower compared to centralized gambling sites and casinos since the process is automated and fully follow the execution of the smart contract.
  • Instant payments: Instant payments, inability to delay or delay payment. No of those supports, nerves and days of waiting
  • Reliability and guarantees: No risk of delays in payments, all regulated by smart contracts.

And these are only the main advantages that we have identified, they are much more!
All these advantages will be received by our investors, customers, and partners!

The Advantages of Using the Golden Fever Platform

  • Use of various coins: Ether, EOS, Tron, GFR, to capture more audiences, giving the opportunity to play to all investors:
    • Almost all games are solitary and do not have platforms providing a variety
    • Combining the audience and potential players and investors from the Masteronod market and the vast global market of users of EOS, TRON, Etherium, Waves.
  • Big winnings provided by developers, advertisers, and outsourcing game developers who come to be represented on the platform.
  • Various regular games: Games of any genre using the basis of any type of smart contract. Cross-platform.
  • Partnerships with other coins and platforms: Games as a marketing tool.
  • Connecting games from third-party developers to the platform: An agreement on cooperation with some third-party developers of games on smart contracts already exist.
  • Referral system: The referral system helps to attract a lot more publicity to the projects and will enable passive income for many fans of the project.
  • Commission only for winnings depending on the game: The platform will act as an intermediary between the players, ensuring maximum transparency in games and accruals of winnings, while the commission is taken only from the winnings.

All this will help to form a solid ecosystem and attract users from the global market, thus we will get much more potential investors and part of the platform profit (30%) is always allocated to maintain the liquidity of the GFR coin, which makes investing in GFR even more reliable and profitable.

With the average American earning an average salary spends roughly $162 on lottery tickets every year, the Golden Fever lottery platform which has a significant advantage over the traditional platform is expected to witness an influx of users. This makes now the perfect to join the platform.