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Metex Exchange

Metex Exchange – Changing the Future of Metals Trading By Tokenizing Precious Metals

Innovative blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies present the unique ability to tokenize and trade any asset under the sky. These technologies offer the beautiful gift of digitization and liquidity to non-movable and precious assets like metal and commodities. With its transparent and immutable nature, blockchain technology offers an additional layer of security. Leveraging the disruptive potential…
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digix is reinventing gold

DigixDAO Dissolution Will Proceed but DGX and Digix Here to Stay

Stepping back and being cautious in the face of uncertainty is what a savvy investor does. There is Bitcoin, whose proponents say it is the next “gold”, whose value is attributed to scarcity and cryptography. They couldn’t be far from the truth.  Scarcity is one of the many properties that give real physical gold its…
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