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ICO Initial Coin Offering

What is An ICO And How Does It Work?

ICO which is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering means of carrying out a crowdfund for blockchain projects. It can also be referred to as token sale. It is used by firms to raise money for their projects and it is done by offering the investors a token or a virtual currency in exchange for…
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Discover : Nodexo

Time is ticking and countdown has started: 18 days 6 hours 32 minutes 15 seconds. Are you ready to know about some adventurous guys who not only have built a new blockchain company but tying up with IT industries giants? Discover new promising company from Latvia. Mystical masternode For many people word “masternode” doesn’t say…
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Lithuanian blockchain paradise

Focus on Baltic: 10 Lithuanian Blockchain Companies You Might Be Interested to Follow

Since 2017 Lithuanian blockchain landscape is growing fast – new coming blockchain companies, huge collection in ICO sales, a lot of fintech event activities. Lithuania came in focus of blockchain sector with their unbelievable success – around 34 successful projects totally raised 0.5B USD! If you look into these numbers – it is the third…
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