Discover : Nodexo

Discover : Nodexo

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Are you ready to know about some adventurous guys who not only have built a new blockchain company but tying up with IT industries giants? Discover new promising company from Latvia.

Mystical masternode

For many people word “masternode” doesn’t say a lot, one can think it is too complicated and confusing to even read about it. No worries, we will not spend too much time going into technical details as that is the work of IT specialists. Simply explained masternode is cryptocurrencies full node that is stored in powerful computers as it needs to keep the full copy of the blockchain in real time.

Running a masternode usually requires a huge investment and great monthly expenses as it involves servers, maintenance, equipment, security. More to it – configuration requires advanced developers. One more issue that scares many potential investors to invest in masternode is the current tricky situation: the most shared masternodes are being run by anonymous Discord groups and therefore lacking any transparency and security.

Passive income platform created by Latvian company

That’s why we were glad to meet Latvian blockchain enthusiasts who have created a new platform Nodexo that will allow people to invest in a share of masternode and benefit from its returns. This is the next passive income source that is opening very soon.

Important to note that masternodes will be hosted anywhere like in Microsoft data centers that guarantee stability and security. All servers will be hosted in EU.

This is a game changer in masternode niche as it will open doors to those investors that know the value of this business. Previously often were stopped due to complicated process and huge upfront investment. More to this – no IT skills required from investors anymore. Also no hassle with hosting and upfront other expenses involved in setting up the masternode base!

Transparency, EU and KYC

Also, the company will work completely legit, as it is registered in EU, principle of KYC (know your customer). As well all investments and returnson this platform will be visible in real time. Investments will be open for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Starting amount will be just $100. The calculator of returns offers you three cryptocurrencies right now and ROI varies between 25% to 118% in a year. This is just estimate and ROI can vary over time. Another benefit of this platform will be that investors can create their own portfolio while investing in different cryptocurrencies. That will reduce the impact of market fluctuations.

This is a good example what happens when managers meet IT people and create a new unique product. Oskars Kupcs, the manager in Lattelecom, Latvia’s largest telecom provider, met more technically orientated partners Viesturs Slaidins, company’s CTO, and Janis Brivvirs, Nodexo developer. And Nodexo was born. Ahead is a long way to go, but all indicators show that project can be successful and worth to invest.


Project has announced opening of Nodexo platform (Beta) on 20th of August and you can get up to 30% Bonus while signing up upfront. Follow this link and be first in a line for a new income source.