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777 Jackpot

777 Jackpot – The Sapphire-Backed Playful Auction Platform for Real and Virtual Products

The blockchain technology is completely changing the way online gaming and auction works. Blockchain has helped in bringing more transparency and security through the tamper-proof and distributed ledger. 777 Jackpot is one such blockchain-based gambling platform that aims to offer users a playful form of online auctioning. Currently, under construction, the 777 Jackpot platform plans…
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Sapphire Coin

Sapphire (SAPP) Coins: Key Platform Developments About the KYANITE Fork and the Upcoming HELIODOR Fork

Over the last few months, the Sapphire Coins crypto project has made good development as it continues to grow its user community. The Sapphire Coin project was launched with the initiative to push cryptocurrency usage in the real-world economy. With a clear goal ahead of them, the Sapphire Coins project focuses on important aspects of…
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HELIODOR Coin: A Sapphire Coin Offshoot That Comes With Its Own Banking Services

While cryptocurrencies have been here for almost a decade since the inception of Bitcoin, their utility in the real world economy has been very limited. It is true that cryptocurrencies are much faster means of cross-border payment settlements, however, they are not as fast to be used at POS terminals. The team behind Sapphire Coin…
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SAPP coin

Sapphire Coin: Pushing Crypto Use In Mainstream Global Economy

Bitcoin and other decentralized public cryptocurrencies have been here for almost a decade and have made their place in the global economic framework. The reason why cryptocurrencies have turned popular is because of its transparency, security, peer-to-peer money transfer, and better control over their fiat counterparts. Although cryptocurrencies bring all these benefits to the table,…
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