777 Jackpot – The Sapphire-Backed Playful Auction Platform for Real and Virtual Products

777 Jackpot – The Sapphire-Backed Playful Auction Platform for Real and Virtual Products

777 Jackpot

The blockchain technology is completely changing the way online gaming and auction works. Blockchain has helped in bringing more transparency and security through the tamper-proof and distributed ledger.

777 Jackpot is one such blockchain-based gambling platform that aims to offer users a playful form of online auctioning. Currently, under construction, the 777 Jackpot platform plans to go live by January 1, 2021.

Interestingly, the 777 Jackpot platform will allow users to offer both real and virtual products on its platform. The craze for auctioning virtual products in the crypto market is growing very fast.

Remember the popular CryptoKitties game wherein users can purchase, breed, and sell virtual cats over the Ethereum blockchain. The project created a lot of frenzy in the market.

The 777 Jackpot platform will operate almost on similar lines offering playful gaming and auctioning to its users. While the buyers get products extremely cheap, the sellers will also receive above-average sale proceeds. Thus, the platform aims at creating a win-win situation for all the participants. The decentralized form of the auction will offer the best services by getting together all participants like bargain hunters and sellers on the same platform.

The Native Cryptocurrency 777 Coin and Masternode Staking

Any sort of trading on the 777 Jackpot platform happens using its native Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency 777 Coin. The 777 Coin has a maximum supply of 500 million with a block time of 60 seconds. The coin works using a special algorithm dubbed Xevan.

Since the 777 coin is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, it also allows users to earn passive income through masternode hosting and crypto-staking functions. Masternode is just like any other full node that processes transactions and stores them on a blockchain.

However, apart from being just a full-node operator, Masternode-operator has higher responsibilities and is responsible for the overall security of the network. Thus, they have to remain live 24×7. Because of its higher responsibilities and tasks, masternodes also receive higher rewards in comparison to the normal staking function.

To become a masternode operator, there’s a fixed percentage of deposit amount that serves as masternode collateral. This collateral, the supply of storage space, and processing power allows the node operator to receive awards.

Masternodes serves as a perfect way for crypto users to earn passive income while limiting risks. The 777 Jackpot platform promises a massive 95% of each block reward to masternode operators.

Currently, Crypos has joined hands with 777 Jackpot to offer both cold masternode hosting as well as a shared masternode hosting service for the 777 Coin. Since masternode hosting requires a good amount of technical knowledge, sometimes it becomes beyond an average investors’ scope to do it indigenously. Staking service providers like Crypos make this process absolutely simpler by charging a small fee.

Apart from Crypos, other platforms like Trittium, iHost Masternode, Pecunia, VaultWatch also offer staking service for the 777 Coin.

The 777 Jackpot platform was taken over completely by Sapphire in August 2020. The platform has been brought to life and reactivated by a fork after the previous developers disappeared. The 777 Coin is currently available for purchase on Sapphire’s native decentralized exchange Heliobank.

The 777 Coin wallets are available on all three major computing platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

About Sapphire

Sapphire is a cryptocurrency project that aims to push the use of cryptocurrencies in the real-world economy. The Sapphire Coin (SAPP) offers a real-value proposition for daily use instead of being just a store-of-value. Unlike other speculative cryptocurrencies, the SAPP coin is a stablecoin and will work as a “consumer coin”.

SAPP is also a proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that ensures fast money transfers and real value creation. To expand the crypto use to a wide market, the Sapphire team has expanded its platform with multiple projects. The 777 Jackpot is one such project by Sapphire. Other projects under Sapphire are KYANITE and HELIODOR.


Backed by an experienced team of Sapphire, the 777 Jackpot platform will soon come to the market catering to a unique market for online auction. The 777 Jackpot platform will offer a new playful way of shopping to crypto enthusiasts across the globe.