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Project Si14bet Invest – The Future of Betting

The sports betting industry is dominated by a few major players. However, project Si14Bet invest is taking a unique approach that will ensure it succeeds. With new areas of expansion, it creates an opportunity for betting platforms to offer a new approach to betting enthusiasts. Project Si14bet Invest is one of the firms trying a…
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Degen platform

Degenerate Platform: A New Blockchain-based Sports Betting Initiative

The online sports betting industry is benefitting a great deal from the development and deployment of blockchain-based solutions. Due to the inherent fairness and advantages that come from the deployment of such a system, more and more existing as well as new betting projects are looking at blockchain-based solutions for the near future when demand…
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Why ESBC is the Best Performing Crypto Betting Platform

The E-Sports Betting Masternode (ESBC) is the world’s leading cryptocurrency betting platform. It is currently one of the most interesting masternode projects that promise investors very genuine liquidity. It should be noted that ESBC survived one of the most turbulent bear markets that literally wiped so many masternode projects off the radar. Part of the…
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Wagerr sports betting

Wagerr: a True Modern, Anonymous Sports Betting Platform

According to the latest reports by Research and Markets, the online sports betting and gambling industry is expected to surge past $565 billion marks in the next two years. At present centralized sports betting dominate the market. However, with the revolution of blockchain technology, infinite possibilities are bound to open that will disrupt the betting…
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1x2 sportsbook

1×2 Coin: Transforming Sports Betting By Leveraging the Power of Cryptocurrency

With the advent of cryptocurrency, the online gambling and betting industry has taken a new turn. By 2017, the online gaming industry was estimated to be worth $37.9 billion USD and continues to grow further. One segment, that is sports gambling, contributes a major chunk of the online gambling industry. The 1×2 coin and sportsbook…
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The 1X2 Coin Platform is the Most Transparent Online Casino And Sportsbook Right Now

Statistically, more than 50% of the world population has thought about making money from gambling. The introduction of online betting made it easy for a lot of people who are previously afraid of being tagged a ‘gambler” to partake in the industry. Unfortunately, this increase in users means bookies, especially those operating an online casino,…
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