Project Si14bet Invest – The Future of Betting

Project Si14bet Invest – The Future of Betting


The sports betting industry is dominated by a few major players. However, project Si14Bet invest is taking a unique approach that will ensure it succeeds. With new areas of expansion, it creates an opportunity for betting platforms to offer a new approach to betting enthusiasts.

Project Si14bet Invest is one of the firms trying a new approach in the industry. The company has developed a peer-to-peer sports event betting platform that allows player-to-player betting. To achieve this, project Si14bet invest plans to introduce crypto and blockchain technology.

The Si14Bet Strategy

Project Si14bet invest traces its origins to 2014 when the Si14 Group was created. The company is registered in Switzerland and based now in Montenegro. It is an association of specialized firms that provide high-quality betting services to corporate and individual customers that are looking for a fair betting exchange with low commissions and clear terms.

The group’s clients receive exclusive and customized services. Since its creation, the Si14 Group has become a leader in the development of automated trading systems.

Their experience allowed them to study the market and come with great solutions for automating arbitrage between bookmakers. So far, the group has been successful and has generated huge profit margins, making over $200 million monthly. However, the group also learned about the various problems faced by the industry. These include arbitrary account blocking, frequent delays in payouts, cutting coefficients, and many others.

To solve these problems in the sector, CEO Viktor Kopylov and his team of experts with years of experience in the betting sector, created project Si14bet invest.

The name Si14 is inspired by Silicon, which is element number 14 in the periodic table. Silicon was chosen because it is one of the strongest elements and is a reflection of the robustness of Project Si14bet Invest. The solutions offered by the beta version of the platform has attracted over 20,000 users. Project Si14bet invest is on course to launch the final version of the platform in August 2020.

Supported Sports

The main sports that the project supports are Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Cybersport, and Horseracing. However, the platform is built to support all types of sports.

The Liquidity Problems Solved

One problem the founders saw in the betting industry is the lack of liquidity. The problem was solved swiftly by attracting professional players with high liquidity. Si14Bet’s target audience is players that hedge their positions and deal with arbitrage solutions in the betting industry. The project has also signed a memorandum with developing nations such as Costa Rica and South Africa.

The Security on the Platform

Security of the platform is effectively solved by working with TOP Bank of Switzerland. A regulated financial institution will manage all of the players’ fund. The company is based in Switzerland, which has some of the strictest regulations for managing customer’s fund. Project Si14bet invest plans to acquire licenses in all territories where the platform will operate, which will ensure that funds deposited on the platform enjoy legal protection.

The Use of Tokens on

Project Si14bet invest operates as an exchange. However, instead of supporting trading in stocks and bonds, participants trade in sports events. The use of crypto tokens helps to reduce the commission on the platform. On the platform, the fee is just 1%. However, if users buy tokens, they can get a discount of 0.2%.

Working with Feed Suppliers

 Feed suppliers will be an integral part of the platform. Since the platform will not have odds, users form the odds while the feed suppliers form a recommended odds column, which offers users convenience.

The Main Issues

  • Trust

Existing operators need to have a high level of client-side confidence. Bookmakers use the confidence to the disadvantage of users, as responsibility leads to high procedural and fiancé costs for them.

  • Opacity

Most bookmakers have numerous hidden processes on how to block or restrict clients. In most cases, betting platforms do not tell clients what causes disagreement. Besides that, rules on disputed resolution are usually unclear.

  • Intrusion

In the current setup, bookmakers can punish players who win too often. To do this, platforms can ban bets and slash the odds while also placing limits.

  • The High Costs

High costs are implemented because running a safe and efficient platform is expensive. The cost leads to high margin odds, which affect the ability of players to win.

The Solutions

  • P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Betting Exchange

The product had no analog in the betting world. Its working eliminates the problems with calculations that users face. With the hybrid system, fees can be as little as 1%.

  • Betting Mechanization- Creating Personal Robots

The platform allows players to create personal robots. The result is that the trading system is mechanized for automatic bets that take into account strategy. In the current setup, betting strategies require constant monitoring of the market. With Si14.Bet, one has the chance to mechanize betting by setting the algorithm and compiling the robot.


The platform is great for users because an experienced team runs it. Its creators understand all the problems faced by the betting sector. Project Si14bet invest has taken into account all these problems and created a platform that solves them by incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Those who are interested in acquiring a share of  company can leave an application to [email protected]