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Uniswap Tycoon

Tycoon Platform. Bithumb Global Listing, NFT Contest And Much, Much More

Tycoon.io is the world’s most advanced social trading platform enabling a bridge between beginners and advanced crypto traders in a seamless and intuitive environment.  There are many newcomers in the crypto space, but just a few of them are skilled at trading.  Tycoon allows literally anyone to participate in trading using real crypto assets, instead…
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Martkist To Unveil Its Wrapped Token wMARTK While Introducing Uniswap Liquidity

Community driven project and “decentralized anarchy” project Martkist is now working on a Wrapped ERC20 token wMARTK which can be easily swapped on the Uniswap platform. Basically, the wrapped version of cryptocurrency means an ERC20 token equivalent of the real digital currency. The reason behind developing a wrapped token is easier and faster liquidity to…
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