Martkist To Unveil Its Wrapped Token wMARTK While Introducing Uniswap Liquidity

Martkist To Unveil Its Wrapped Token wMARTK While Introducing Uniswap Liquidity


Community driven project and “decentralized anarchy” project Martkist is now working on a Wrapped ERC20 token wMARTK which can be easily swapped on the Uniswap platform.

Basically, the wrapped version of cryptocurrency means an ERC20 token equivalent of the real digital currency. The reason behind developing a wrapped token is easier and faster liquidity to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market.

Thus, the wMARTK will be 1:1 ERC20 token redeemable to the MARTK mineable original coin. Additionally, the key advantage of a Wrapped Martkist Token or wMARTK is easy integration into the world Ethereum wallets, DApps, and smart contracts.

The introduction of the wMARTK token will also help its users to enjoy the benefits of the collectible markets. They can also be a part of the rapidly growing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry. In the official announcement, the Martkist team wrote:

“Activating our development discussion, due to a lot of request by community members to take action within the DEFI and UNISWAP popularity a Wrapped Martkist token is been taken into consideration to be part of the UNISWAP ecosystem, Users will be able to swap from Martkist to wMartkist to use on the uniswap ecosystem with a liquidity pool”.

Martkist Team

The DeFi market has grown to a whopping $10 billion+ recently as the DeFi apps continue to dominate major transaction volumes on the Ethereum blockchain network. Besides, Ethereum also hosts the largest number of DApps as on date in comparison to other blockchain platforms like Stellar and TRON.

Launching a wrapped Martkist token on the Ethereum blockchain will help to attain higher liquidity for the cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Launching A Wrapped Martkist (wMARTK) Token

By launching its ERC20 wMARTK Token, Martkist is betting big on innovation by making it a part of the Saturn and the Uniswap exchange platforms. Apart from the liquidity aspect, Martkist users and investors will get massive exposure to the rapidly growing DeFi market.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has brought a major revolution in the finance market by giving users absolute control over their money through self-sustaining systems. It does this by leveraging the power of blockchain and providing additional benefits of security and privacy.

Thus, by introducing a wrapped MARTK token, Martkist will move ahead with its main mission of introducing DeFi within the ecosystem.

The Martkist team is yet to announce any official date for the launch of the ERC20 wMARTK token, however, the contract is already under process.

About Martkist

Martkist – the “decentralized anarchy” project aims to create a truly decentralized marketplace backed by a strong and growing community. It aims to connect individuals and communities around the world and facilitate the exchange of decentralized goods and services among them.

Martkist leverages the power of blockchain technology and employs a consensus-based governance system that uses the concept of masternodes. To facilitate this exchange and trade, the platform has also launched a new merchant directory that comes with a fully functional Over The Counter (OTC) desk. This is a step towards establishing strong and direct interaction between traders and sellers.

To facilitate faster and quicker transactions, the platform has also launched its native Martkist Media Wallet. The app facilities safer transactions with easy and strict monitoring against any unethical practices.

The Martkist mobile wallet also creates equal opportunities for its users to resell merchant products and receive a commission for the same. The Martkist wallet has been created keeping users’ demands in mind. Besides, the Martkist mobile wallet can also serve as an escrow between the two transacting parties.

You can follow all other developments for the Martkist platform through its official website.