Tecra Space | Enabling Investors to Become a Part of the Future with Blockchain Crowdfunding Securely

Tecra Space | Enabling Investors to Become a Part of the Future with Blockchain Crowdfunding Securely

Tecra Space

Tecra Space is made for the innovators, creators, and investors of the future. A cryptocurrency platform that is running on its own blockchain ZCoin Fork and enabling the investors to be a part of the high-tech sustainable projects that are ready to redefine the times to come. There are three aspects to Tecra: Tecra Space, Tecra Coin, and Tecra DEX.

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Tecra wants people to invest in science and development projects by giving them access to a dedicated platform and a dedicated currency, Tecra Coin (TCR). Tecra aims to propel the IPR market, especially for science-based projects. 

With this vision and approach, the project wants to empower individual innovators and creators, as well as take control of the big corrupt corporations who boast about their money, power, and political clout. On the part of the investors, they will get access to incredible and traction-worthy projects to stake their money. 

Blockchain-Enabled Crowdfunding – Tecra Space

Tecra Space plans to revolutionize the global crowdfunding market. This is possible because the project is giving access to a system that allows investing without any barriers of entry and exit. Investors will trade in Tecra coin, the native currency, and with this process, existing projects on the platform will be tokenized. 

The main types of investment opportunities listed on Tecra Space include high and advanced technology projects that are working on sustainable development and other associated innovations aiming to improve the way of life. 

All the eligible projects are listed on the platform for the investor’s perusal. They can research, understand the projects, and try to relate with them before investing. The use of cryptocurrency to invest in these projects are meant to accelerate, secure, and make it more convenient. 

Tecra Space works with the Zcoin Fork blockchain, which further reduces the dependency of self-sufficient centralized institutions to play the middleman and secure transactions. Tecra Space is self-sufficient and reliable to foster trust and authenticity, both democratically and meritocratically. 

For new investors who are still skeptical about investing, this project gives access to third-party experts to receive guidance and advice on these matters. Most importantly, the Tecra community is also instrumental in helping each other obtain the best and most authentic experience. 

Invest, Receive, and Earn TCR – Tecra Coin

The motive of allowing investors to trade in Tecra Coin or TCR is manifold. Firstly, TCR is transparent, secure, and fast. The investors are able to track their investments down to the last detail with TCR. Apart from speedy transactions, the transaction costs are lower when working through this model. 

As the projects listed on Tecra Space gain traction and growth, the value of TCR is bound to amplify. More than this, with every investment done on the platform with TCR, the investors are set to receive benefits when the project launches.

Currently, TCR is tradable on HotBit Exchange

To earn TCR from TCR, users can leverage TCR smart deposits that help staking the currency. Users will be able to add the TCR coins in the online wallets and gain interest that leads to a stable income. 

To begin staking, users should have at least 50 TCR in the wallet, and after the staking period is over, rewards or the additional income will be deposited in the user’s wallets. 

Working on the Future of Cryptocurrency – Tecra DEX

Tecra DEX is the future of Tecra Space and Tecra Coin. A decentralized platform that will enable transactions in digital assets. With this, it will be easier to tokenize the patents and Intellectual Property Rights. Here IPR is relevant because the TCR holders can also invest in the patented technology. 

With its development, Tecra DEX will become a fountain of investment opportunities, decentralized operational systems, and help users in multiple aspects. The same experience will be with the mobile DEX application that is also under development and will allow the community members to invest, engage, and interact with the platform. 

To Sum it Up

Tecra Space, Tecra Coin, and Tecra DEX are an amazing trifecta of innovative blockchain tools working cohesively to help redefine the future of crowdfunding and institutional investment. The blockchain explorer further allows true visibility towards the user’s investment and provides monitoring abilities about capital utilization and tracking. 

A platform that makes it easier for the innovators and creators to shape the future, Tecra Space is an incredible platform with brighter days ahead. 

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