Telegram Messenger Service Decided to Launch New Blockchain Platform

Telegram Messenger Service Decided to Launch New Blockchain Platform


Almost everyone into cryptocurrency has found the need to make use of Telegram at one point or the other. The Telegram app is focused on providing the chance to send encrypted messages from one user to the other.

Telegram and TON

Telegram was officially launched in 2013 and it has so far recorded over 200 million active users. In order to keep the project live and encrypted the Telegram team has decided to launch a new platform called TON. According to a report, the testing phase of TON is expected to go live before the end of this year.

Currently, the Telegram team has made it known that the platform is about 70% ready. Even though the project is not yet completed, the team has already started notifying current investors of their plans.

Once the TON platform goes live, the platform will also include Telegram’s “GRAM” coin, establishing a “new way of exchanging data.”

The TON platform is expected to gain further attention since it has managed to pull in about $1.8 billion in investments even before completion.

This $1.8 billion was said to be acquired through two private ICO presses conducted by the team. The success of the ICO has led to the team abstaining from the public eyes.

Ultimate Freedom Once It Goes Live

Since the pre-ICO sales, media houses in Russia have reached a conclusion that the reason for the ICO and the launch of the platform is basically because some countries like Russia, has blocked the use of Telegram. With its new blockchain technology integrated platform, telegram will be operating without any restrictions or having to explain its actions to any government.

The launch of the platform is expected to go live soon and a lot of people have shown their support for the platform and the crypto community is also eagerly waiting for their chance to get some coin.