The Founder and CEO of Volix Network (VOX) has Pulled an Exit Scam

The Founder and CEO of Volix Network (VOX) has Pulled an Exit Scam

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Based on a recent report, the founder and CEO of Volix network (VOX) have deleted all accounts relating to the project and has disappeared with pre-sale funds. So far, all reports and indication are pointing towards an exit scam.

Movalis Broke the News of Volix Network (VOX) Exist Scam 

Earlier today, a forum user with the username, Movalis made it known that the founder of Volix Network has deleted “all” and ran away with all the money raised during the pre-sale. According to Movalis, he and the team discovered that the network has gone bankrupt when it was time to pay developers to commence the development of the network and its platform. Movalis discovered that the project was short of funds and that the founder has moved presale funds to his personal account and no one on the team was informed.

According to Movalis, the team still has 50 percent of Volix Premines, but right now, the project does not have enough funds to commence development of the project. As a result of this, the project is going to get shut down and dead even before it had a chance.


VOLIX (VOX) is the first decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace & platform for lending services running on its own private blockchain secured by Masternodes. The idea behind this project is to connect investors or lenders (people who want to lend their money) and borrowers (people who need a loan for a person or a business project), via the VOLIX crypto lending marketplace.

Similar Situation 

This is not the first time the owner of crypto project will be pulling an exit scam. Recently, the team behind another crypto lending platform, Capital Expanse disappeared without a trace, leaving their investors at loss.