The U.S State of Wyoming Passes Bill Aimed at Aiding Blockchain Banking

The U.S State of Wyoming Passes Bill Aimed at Aiding Blockchain Banking


Just last month the United State of Ohio made a major move towards adopting blockchain technology. The Ohio state tax office created a website through which residents of the state can pay for their tax using bitcoin. Another US state which has done something to push the adoption of blockchain technology in recent time is the United States of Wyoming. According to a recent report, the state has recently passed a bill targeted at the development of a crypto friendly political system, “with clear regulations that stimulate this emerging industry.”

The 13-1 Bill

Going by a recent tweet from a notable businesswoman in the state, Ms.Caitlin Long, the state of Wyoming has passed the 13-1 bill. She also made it known in a series of tweets that the bill was faced with severe opposition from the banking industry.

The bill was passed almost unanimously as the only one member of the house voted against the passing of the bill.

Apart from making a series of tweets documenting how happy and excited, she is about the latest development. Ms Long has also gone further to explain the positive consequence attached to the new bill.

The state of Wyoming On Path To Crypto Dominance

Ms.Long, through one of her tweets, made it known that the state of Wyoming could be the first in the United States to have a clear picture of how to legally deal with different crypto assets.” According to her, “With the new bill, Wyoming could be the favourite place throughout the United States to domicile businesses relying on the use and management of cryptos and other digital assets.”

She made this known in a tweet which reads:
“…be the only US state that can give you clarity on how#blockchainassets are treated legally (trust me-that will be huge…stay tuned bc your lawyers will soon see what I mean). Zero corporate/personal income taxes, zero taxes on#cryptoassets+ legal clarity =you’ll”

Ms.Long has also made it known that even though the new bill is a significant leap for the blockchain industry in the state, this is just the beginning.