Top Five Crypto Events of the Past Week – Week 3, 2019

Top Five Crypto Events of the Past Week – Week 3, 2019


Many events have taken place in the crypto market of late. In this article, we will be mentioning just five of the key events that shook the crypto world this 3rd week of 2019.

Bitpay Processed Over $1 Billion Transactions in 2018

Bitpay recently made available a report, stating that the popular cryptocurrency payment processor processed over $1 billion transactions in 2018. The company reported this massive volume, despite an all year round downtrend. Bitpay also increased its staff by 78 percent, clearly showing that the market has been really good for the company. The company is looking to achieve a volume surpassing that of 2018 this year.

Binance Jersey ( Launched

Binance, recently announces the launch of a Europe based arm of its operation. The exchange made it clear that European and British investors seeking a reliable platform to trade their fiat for cryptos can now do so on its new platform. Binance’s new platform is in British Crown dependency of Jersey and the name of the new exchange is Binance Jersey (

Venezuela’s president Raises Price of Petro Once Again

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro raise the price of Petro—the country’s nationally backed cryptocurrency. Maduro who raised the price of Petro a few weeks ago. Just like it was done previously, the president raised the price of the coin without following any economical or financial guideline. As a result of this price hike, the value of one Petro now stands at 36,000 sovereign bolivars.

NASA Exploring Blockchain Technology for Better Developments

The U.S National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is going to make use of blockchain technology to improve some of its systems. The U.S agency plan to develop a more efficient alternative to the current RADAR system using blockchain technology.

Japan Approves Coincheck Has its 17th Crypto Exchange

Coincheck, a major crypto exchange recently acquired by the Monex Group is now the 17th crypto exchange ever approved by the country’s financial regulator. This is Japan’s first certified exchange in over a year.