Top Five Crypto Events of the Past Week – Week 4, 2019

Top Five Crypto Events of the Past Week – Week 4, 2019

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Many events have taken place in the crypto market of late. In this article, we will be mentioning just five of the key events that shook the crypto world this week.

South Korean Crypto Exchange Sent BTC and Other Cryptos to Users by Mistake

A South Korean crypto exchange made a costly mistake which saw it sending some of its customers, BTC and other cryptocurrencies instead of another coin stipulated for airdropping. The error saw the price of many coins on the exchange dropping to a record low. According to the exchange, many of the customers who received the tokens has agreed to return it, while some have sold the coins immediately.

John McAfee Flees U.S. for Alleged Crypto Tax Fraud

According to a recent announcement from U.S. presidential candidate John McAfee, he is currently living in exile on a boat. The reason given by him for doing so is that he is been charged with felonies handed down by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). McAfee is a major advocate for cryptocurrency adoption in the U.S.

Vaneck Solidx Bitcoin ETF Proposal Withdrawn

According to a recent report, it was made known that the CBEO exchange has temporarily withdrawn its proposal for Vaneck Solidx Bitcoin ETF. The exchange was reported to have withdrawn the proposal due to the ongoing U.S government shut down. The proposal is however expected to get resubmitted once the government reopens.

United Nations: Cryptocurrency is a “New Frontier” in Digital Finance

In its end of the year report, titled “World Economic and Social Survey 2018” the United Nations, refers to cryptocurrency as a “new frontier” in digital finance. The organisation also made it known that it believes blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the answer to most of the problems faced by organisations in the financial sector.

Leaked Photos of Samsung Galaxy 10 Shows it has an In-built Crypto Wallet

According to a picture being passed around, the mobile phone giant— Samsung, has installed a cryptocurrency app on its yet to be released mobile phone— Samsung Galaxy 10. Although, Samsung has not denied or confirmed that the mobile phone will have an in-built mobile crypto wallet, if this happens to be true, this could be the most important crypto mass adoption of 2019.