The Power Solution: Decentralizing E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Using the Power of Blockchain

The Power Solution: Decentralizing E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure Using the Power of Blockchain

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The future of automobile and mobility is poised for a major overhaul over the next decade with electric vehicles dominating the market. Tesla’s massive growth over the last year is a major indicator that the demand for electric vehicles is surging like never before.

Although the market is ripe for electric vehicles to dominate the automobile sector, a major push is required to simultaneously develop the electric charging infrastructure and make it more efficient.

While big automobile giants continue to expand their charging infrastructure and services, we are still far away from catering to the market requirements in the case of a complete switch-over.

Using the Power of Blockchain to Create A Decentralized Electric Charging Infrastructure

To solve this issue of electric charging infrastructure, The Power Coin Project (TPWR) is working on a decentralized blockchain-based infrastructure to create a reliable and faster electric-charging ecosystem.

The Power Coin Project would allow users to join as consumers as well as an energy-distributors. Besides, the blockchain-based electric charging infrastructure gives the industry a self-regulatory ability allowing more individuals to be a part of this infrastructure and not just big companies.

Thus, anyone generating excess solar power at their homes or other solar-equipped properties can allow electric-car-owners to charge their vehicles. The Power Coin Project (TPWR) will offer all the required hardware and software tools to manage energy distribution. The suppliers can configure their own settings, define their charging connection prices, generate their own reports and much more.

This is a revolutionary project as more individual participation will help to keep the charging prices competitive. Besides, it will also avoid clutter at the main charging stations since the charging period of EVs is relatively higher.

Ultimately, TPWR is working towards absolute decentralization of the electric charging ecosystem ultimately giving absolute control in the hands of the users. The makers of the project think that this liberalization is essential as it will empower users to progress with lesser regulations.

TPWR eStation System – Developing A Mechanism for Shared Charging Process

As more and more consumers move towards adopting electric vehicles, eStation like the Wallbox will continue to get more popular. is a global company and provider of smart charging systems, dedicated to catering to the changing times of energy consumption.

Wallbox claims that charging your EVs with their systems is much faster and convenient compared to using the conventional plugs. Wallboxes are compatible with all domestic installations as well as with some electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles.

Besides, the smart system of Wallbox ensures that you can control the charging power just from your application.

In the coming times, Wallbox will prove to be a good system for setting up “Open Stations” at home or other nearby locations and hotspot points like Shopping Malls, theatres, etc.

However, with “private wallboxes” energy sharing is not an easy process. Also, privat Wallboxes do not support shared charging. But there are still some communities in place who share their charging stations either for free or let people pay what they want. Also, Tesla works on a similar model.

The TPWR eStation System is working to solve this issue and make private Wallboxes available for shared charging with others. The TPWR eSystem will allow users to add charging points of their own.

With such a shared charging system, the Power for charging might be low, but it will allow users to become a part of the charging infrastructure and earn some money for the energy supplied.

Thus, with shared charging systems, TPWR is working to democratize the electric-charging-services market.

The Power Coin

The project has also got its own native cryptocurrency dubbed the Power Coin. The Power Coin is based on the PIVX blockchain technology.

Looking to the current market demand for the electric-charging solutions, the price of TPWR Coin is expected to gradually increase after its launch. The TPWR is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency free from any influence and manipulations.

The TPWR Blockchain also holds a MasterNode reward-distribution system. The MasterNode operators can earn staking rewards and are also responsible for the overall security of the network. The MN collateral is set at 1777 TPWR.

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