How to Trade the Forex Market With Almost Zero Risk Using FxCoin

How to Trade the Forex Market With Almost Zero Risk Using FxCoin

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September 24, 2019

Whether you like to hear this or not, the idea of trading the financial markets is relatively risky. This is why people are being advised to take their time to learn well before venturing into trading the financial markets. The duration required for learning is mostly determined by the individual, but generally, a year of full-time learning is required to make something tangible out of the market. For those who can’t wait and also want a piece of the market, the best alternative is to let an expert trader make trades on your behalf.

Ideally, this looks simple and straightforward, but unfortunately, this presents another set of problems. This problem is centered around trust and transparency. There have been cases whereby unsuspecting investors deposited their hard-earned cash on a website only to find out that the stats are fake and they can’t make withdrawals. 

This same problem applies to all forms of the financial market. So whether you are trading forex, stocks or options you need to have a tested, trusted and transparent trader doing the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, this is rare and almost impossible to find. 

This is why FxCoin is a blessing to the entire trading community.

The coin will be launched within the next few days.

What is FxCoin?

FxCoin trading platform - Vault Investment project

The concept for FxCoin was firstly hatched in March of 2019 while two top traders were sitting in a cafe. These two traders all shared the determination and had ideas regarding the firm. The ultimate idea is to employ their own professional trading skills and their experience of five years plus in the forex market to provide investors with easy and safe returns on their investments without having to lift a finger. 

With this idea, they will be able to help both new and old clients who are hoping to invest in forex but are not certain of where to start from and do not want to take the risk of running at a loss. The founders of FxCoin saw this entity as an opportunity to get into the world of forex without having to take any risk and make large profits weekly.

In order to get into the world of forex, there is the need to get a lot of experience, knowledge, and compare market studies both from the present and in the past so as to know of the latest market trends and follow every minute detailed news from around the globe. The most crucial thing for traders to know is money management and patience, of which the founders already have.

Services offered by FxCoin

At FxCoin, customers and members are provided with all in one trading and investments services which are done by experienced expertise traders by looking for the right opportunity to invest into the market at the right time with reduced risk and efficient money management. Clients can get all of this without taking any risk and spending lots of time looking for better trading opportunity, they also receive dividends on a weekly basis. 

Also, there is transparency in everything being done in the firm as all invested funds and actions (i.e deposits or withdrawals), and trades will be made public thereby making it possible for people to copy and follow trades too.

The FxCoin (FXN)

The cryptocurrency (FXN) was created by the FxCoin team, just for the purpose to pay out dividends to their investors. FXCoin pays out 40% of its earnings collected each week, simply by buying FXN coins off their crypto market. This will be done randomly, to prevent that it always will be the same people that get bought up.

As a result of this, everyone holding the FXN coins, that wants to collect some returns on their investment, simply needs to put FXN for sale and wait for it to be bought up. 

What Separates FxCoin From Other Digital Currencies

Most digital currencies have no specific use case or business plan. They just display random numbers without having any plan to support the market. In order to make a cryptocurrency successful, the team is not expected to rely only on the investors or buyers and there is the need for a solid business plan which helps to create a win-win situation for the partners, the team, the community. But at FxCoin, the team have great plans to make the project successful.

Why You Should Consider Investing in FxCoin

One thing common with the crypto market is the lack of a feasible structure and plan. With FxCoin, what you see is what you get.  The coin has true usefulness and it is not some mathematical codes which investors have to hold in a wallet for no particular reason.  Another important thing is that the coin is immune to dumping and sell-off. This is because money will be made continuously and the FxCoin will always have enough money to buy back coins. 

Also, FxCoin is a Cryo project. For those who don’t know what a Cryo project is: “A CRYO project is a new masternode project that possesses the required pedigree to enter into our program and gain the support and protection of the team.”

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