The University of Tokyo Received a Donation of $800,000 to Start a Blockchain Course

The University of Tokyo Received a Donation of $800,000 to Start a Blockchain Course

Based on a recent report, the University of Tokyo has joined the league of universities around the world offering blockchain related courses. The university through donations from several blockchains focused organizations and individuals like, Ethereum Foundation and Sumitomo Mitsui have started offering a blockchain course at its graduate engineering school.

$800,000 Donated to the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo also made it known that the total amount donated towards this, is amounting to not less than $800,000.
The blockchain class is titled the “Blockсhain Innovation Donation Course”. It was also made known that the course has already commenced since November 1 and the course is expected to run for not less than 3 years, October 2021.

Other notable mentions on the list of donors are Good Luck Three, JSS Corp., Zipper Corp., Hotlink Co., and Money Forward Inc.

According to a report from the school, the goal of the class is to help teach and provide future blockchain entrepreneurs with the knowledge required to bring their dream and visions to actualization.

The university continues by stating that:
“The purpose of the blockchain course is to educate highly motivated, business-minded students with “outstanding talent in information mathematics” about fintech and the game-changing technology underpinning cryptocurrencies.”

Through the new class, University of Tokyo is going to teach students how to build, using blockchain technology and they will learn all there is to be known about decentralized networks and how to implement them socially.

Blockchain Skills is in High Demand

Based on a recent report, blockchain development skills has become one of the hottest out there. With several companies shifting their attention towards blockchain technology and trying to recruit experts in the filed, the students of this class will also be placing themselves on the right path.

In a similar news, IBM has also partnered with the Columbia University to launch two new accelerator programs with a view ‘to build and scale the next generation of blockchain innovation’.