VAULT Investments CRYO | A Simple and Effective Way for Investors and Project Owners To Grow Together

VAULT Investments CRYO | A Simple and Effective Way for Investors and Project Owners To Grow Together

CRYO Vault investment

At its core, VAULT is an investment platform meant for investors and everyday users, helping them multiply their investments via a stable crypto coin pegged to Bitcoin. The platform runs with masternodes working with the Proof-of-Stake (POS) functionalities and the coin with ticker VAULT.

Almost two years ago, VAULT launched its unique, innovative CRYO program. This program is built with a motive to help investors focus on efficient coin management and ensure sustainable coin emissions that are eligible to run in all types of liquidity markets.

Removing Anonymity with CRYO

Anonymity has slowly become one of the major concerns for investors not to choose a platform because they do not know the face behind the creation of a certain project. Where anonymity is useful for those who want to pull the rug and scam money out of the investor’s pockets, it is equally hurting for those who genuinely want their investors to grow but suffer from the lack of trust.

CRYO aims to solve this issue of anonymity. The establishment of VAULT was done with the same purpose, to bring more transparency into the crypto ecosystem. What started as an experiment two years ago has today become a major platform that along with CRYO offers a unique solution, namely CRYO lockup. 

The CRYO lockup provides safety and stability to a cryptocurrency and since it is inside the lockup, the cryptocurrency cannot be dumped. VAULT came into existence to change the masternode space but it has become a safe haven for investors and projects, protecting both from the trickle-down effects of scams and rug pulls.

Understanding the VAULT Coin

Two years after its development and successful operations, VAULT launched VAULTility (VAULT + utility + stability), giving investors the ability to grow their share of BTC with VAULT coins. This is possible by leveraging the inbuilt systems of the platform like Minimum Guaranteed Price and Transparent Monetary Policy. 

The VAULT Coin is pegged to BTC with no upper limit. Due to these functions, VAULT coin has become a strong competitor for users in the crypto ecosystem. Although the total supply of VAULT Coin is 3 million, at present, 348,000 are in supply and they get 32% ROI. So, just by holding VAULT coins, the users stand to gain from their investments on the platform.

VAULT Coin and Its Impact on the Investors

VAULT.Investments’ own utility coin goes by the name of VAULT coin running on the POS/Masternodes. There are several wings of VAULT coin that help provide its stability. The VAULT stablecoin is backed with public verifiable AUM. 

The coin will be used to provide benefits and rewards to the users on the platform and also help power up the masternode program. The VAULT coin can be used exclusively by the exclusive club of CRYO investors. Since the CRYO program will have pre-verified projects, the returns on these projects are imminent.

VAULT Coin Monetary Policy

To ensure the stability of the VAULT coin, the developers have developed a five-pronged monetary policy. Starting with the Minimum Guaranteed Price (MGP) which provides a guaranteed price in Bitcoin of VAULT that is in general circulation and not stored in the CRYO vault. 

5.9 BTC has been reserved in a verifiable public address as a part of VAULT Reserve holdings to back up the initial MGP, with an additional 0.2 BTC reserved in buy orders from exchanges. The VAULT Reserve functions include keeping some funds of VAULT on exchanges to safeguard the investments in case of a loss due to conditions that are either unpredictable or uncontrollable by the management team.

The last aspect for the management of the VAULT coin is the VAULT Reserve Board, meant to oversee its operations and ensure complete fairness in the workings of the coin. These aspects control the VAULT reserve and have kept it such that the funds are kept in the reserve in a 1:6 ratio. This means that if the VAULT in circulation is 100, then the reserves of this are 600% of this amount.

To Sum it Up

The VAULT Investments platform is not limited to a single function. There are many aspects intertwined with each other and they all work synergistically to help project owners and investors get the best deal from the market. Projects can build trust and investors can get a sense of security before investing.