VaultMeX: The Fast, Secure and Private Exchange

VaultMeX: The Fast, Secure and Private Exchange




A exchange is essentially a marketplace for the cryptocurrency. Typical exchanges have trading and exchange services for listed coins and even real-time tracking of coin prices. These exchanges facilitate crypto-commerce and are a lifeline to this industry. Many people assume that cryptocurrency is just a method of storing value. However, cryptocurrency by its literal name is digital currency and needs exchange and issuing like regular currency.

Established exchanges like Bitfinex would ordinarily need some form of verification and identification. This is in an effort to comply with regulatory requirements or simply to attain some semblance of security and order. Nonetheless, there exist platforms that facilitate anonymous trading without the need for ID verification. Users could even choose an exchange for superficial reasons like the kind of interface on display and user-friendliness.

Binance, Poloneix, and Bittrex are three of the leading players in the sector. That said, there are many other obscure but uniquely differentiated players. This is because the exchanges offer different terms that help a user or investors identify the most suitable exchange.

VaultMex is a cryptocurrency exchange with a difference. This is because the exchange trades at a notable 0% trading fee. There is also unlimited deposits/withdrawal of coins. Before delving further into how the coin works, let’s look at exchanges as a general concept and what they entail. At the moment, VaultMeX does not offer fiat to crypto exchange services. However, the development team has this in the works and the same should be rolled-out in due course.

VaultMeX – deeper analysis

The one thing that really stands out about this exchange is the 0% trading fee. The only time you encounter charges is the minimal withdrawal fee. This is essential as the network transaction fee.

This site is notably incredibly secure. Why is this? The simple answer is because the site utilizes cold wallets storage for the vast bulk of its coins. Only the requisite minimum coins necessary to ensure liquidity is kept in the online hot wallets. Moreover, the hot wallets have encryption at all times to further guard against nefarious hackers.

The platform Server and security

To further on the security composition, the network has a physically segregated network infrastructure. This is on account of physical and virtual firewalls that guarantee protection. Furthermore, there is Incapsula & OVH hardware for DDoS protection and to reduce downtime. One other specification is network traffic encryption via SSL and SSH.

Notably, there is also Google two-factor authenticator for extra security. A random salt encrypts all sensitive customer data like passwords before storage in the database.


A lot of cryptocurrency users really prioritize their privacy and financial anonymity. Accordingly, VaultMeX has put efforts to ensure the community is safe, trusted and has a guarantee of financial anonymity.

The exchange deletes user IPs and sensitive data. With online threats looming, this measure is to curb the prevalence of personal data leaks if there are security breaches. Additionally, the platform cleans personal financial data monthly to ensure maximum anonymity.

Moreover, there are no limits as to deposits and withdrawals. Finally, there are no identity verification or the Know your customer (KYC) mechanisms. This means that you can have a truly anonymous experience of VaultMeX.

Organizational arrangements

The team subjects any prospective employees to rigorous screening before hiring. Besides, the hired employees use encrypted storage and password management. The segregation of infrastructure applies to administration infrastructure as well. This means that the infrastructure is unreachable through public networks with intranet being the only exception.

The exchange also boasts of a vibrant community and a supportive team that gives 24-hour support. The community votes on the addition of new coins but some are added at the discretion of the VaultMeX’s team.


This is an exchange with a difference. VaultMeX really cuts on transaction fees and is competitively better. You may not appreciate the significance of transaction fees but in large-scale transactions or over a long period of time, they are significant.

The anonymity and security features are equally important. For crypto-enthusiasts, this should really be music to their ears. After all, a secure yet anonymous exchange is really the dream. Besides, this exchange is fast and reliable. It is truly one to watch.