Venox Coin: Staking and Privacy at The Convenience of Your Phone

Venox Coin: Staking and Privacy at The Convenience of Your Phone

POS into mobile devices

Venox coin is an interesting Proof of Stake coin that mainly utilizes mobile phone options for staking and efficient, private transactions.

Notably, this community-oriented coin also relies on Zerocoin technology. This is because Zerocoin effectively guarantees transaction privacy. Even though the development team takes up the primary role of building and promoting Venox, any community member can contribute.

Venox is a relatively recent project and is synonymous with a similar project called the Enox coin. As a matter of fact, the project has successfully forked the PIVX based Enox coin. Moreover, the development team added some great features like encrypted reference line and real mobile staking.

Mobile Use

It goes without saying that in the smartphone age, life is literally in our hands. Smartphones have evolved over the years to facilitate things no one could imagine just a decade ago. This is why Venox is big on mobile use. In general, there are an estimated more than 4 billion mobile devices across the globe. This is a staggering market with the future being more in this direction.

Venox coin brings the wonders of blockchain technology to this market. This is an excellent strategy for growth and future relevance. As a result, you have the chance to experience the revolutionary benefits of Venox very conveniently.

Venox’s main goal is to implement POS into mobile devices. Consequently, the project will have mobile wallets and synching functions. This makes the possibilities endless on a mobile and is, therefore, certain to improve uptake.

Masternodes and Staking

Staking is a mode of coin generation that replaces Proof of Work from earlier coins like Bitcoin. Through staking you essentially earn rewards for keeping the coin in your wallet for a certain period of time. It is akin to a wager only that you have the guarantee of a positive outcome.

Masternodes are decentralized servers that facilitate a Proof of Stake network like Venox. Masternodes are an investment opportunity as well. For Venox, you need about 10,000 VNX for a Masternode. Masternodes improve the transaction efficiency of Venox and guarantee decentralization.

Other Features of This Project

Running Airdrops
This is a name for rewards schemes where Venox distributes free coin to a large number of Wallet addresses. In a practical scenario, you can combine sports and Cryptos and earn rewards. Therefore, airdrops are an excellent marketing strategy and a means to get more users in the network.

Monitoring Masternodes
This is the essence of mobile phones. Using the Venox app you can effectively monitor a Masternode without necessarily running to your computer. As a result, you can seamlessly your income and check your MNs Health values from anywhere. This means that you have easy access to the aforementioned important details as well as online status, reward times and latency.
In the initial stages, the project will start with passive monitoring. Eventually, with better system development, the team will implement active features like restarting your coin daemon or VPS remotely.

Reference Line
This is a feature to improve usability in real-world payments. An encrypted reference line improves security and enables the sending of sensible information. Therefore, you have the guarantee of secure and private transactions.

Debit Card
Having a debit card is a clear intention of the development team for Venox coin to have real-world use. You can fill this card with coin and use it as a gift card, shopping card, coin storage and employee gift among others.

Digital Identity
Cryptocurrency wallet addresses are notoriously long. In the event you don’t have a QR code, this address is tedious and complicated for the mobile touchpad.

Using digital identity, you have a convenient address that is suitable for mobile touchpads to send and receive VNX. This identity greatly improves user-friendliness and should bode well for usability and growth.

Finally, one other notable feature is a project casino. This casino will be part of a reward program and each Masternode holder receives a share of the profits.


The evolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has been remarkable. Venox coin is an important development in this timeline. This is because Venox coin opens up possibilities that expand the horizon of Cryptosphere in general.
Accordingly, users have an efficient tool to transact and store value. Besides, Masternode investment is a great way to earn consistently earn and support the network. This coin has unprecedented security and convenience and is one to watch in the short and long-term.
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