Walletreum | Creating a Smart, Utilitarian, and User-Friendly CeFi & DeFi Platform with Advanced Features

Walletreum | Creating a Smart, Utilitarian, and User-Friendly CeFi & DeFi Platform with Advanced Features

Walletreum CeFi & DeFi Platform


Contrary to popular opinion, the crypto world is full of challenges and inconsistencies. Walletreum is built to tackle the challenges and nip the loopholes with its five-pronged aspects. The ultimate motive of creating Walletreum is to ensure that the users get maximum profit at minimum risk.

With multiple assets working on the platform, including borrowing, lending, WALT farming, Swapping, and Zero-fee, plus an inbuilt mechanism to balance the price for lenders and borrowers, Walletreum is a smart, innovative, and user-friendly platform.

All in all, Walletreum is looking to completely substitute the centralized and financial systems while ensuring that the users get the right opportunities to earn passive income and acquire funds without intermediaries playing a role.

Introducing the Five Elements of Walleterum

Walletreum brings a multitude of benefits to the users via its five inbuilt mechanisms.

ALGON in Walletreum

While the basic mechanics of ALGON in Walletreum is the same as any other algorithmic trading sequence outlined in the traditional market, it is added with some advanced functions. Besides taking care of buy and sell orders that work as per a set pattern, ALGON is fused with Deep Learning technology, and it is scalable in terms of trade volume plus performance.

Furthermore, the primary function of ALGON is to automate the market rebalancing in both the instance, bullish or bearish. This is done by automatically buying or selling BTC against the altcoins to bring the market into equilibrium.

Lending and Borrowing

Walletreum again leverages ALGON to facilitate the transactions. In both cases, lending and borrowing, the users have to engage with ALGON.

The borrowers will acquire funds from ALGON and have to pay the APR to the system. On the other hand, the lenders will lend money not directly to the users but to ALGON and get APY in return.

Moreover, the lending returns are decided as per the market position at the end of the lock-in period. If the market is bullish, the lenders can get the money back in crypto coins, and if the market is bearish, the lenders have the option to retrieve the money back into stable coins or directly to the bank.

Safe Credit

Borrowers are often asked to submit collateral, which can also be liquidated in case of non-returns of the credit taken from the platform. But Walletreum, with the help of its ALGON system, allows the users to take a loan without selling or liquidating the assets.

Plus, relative to other platforms, the lending rates are lower, and the locked liquidity is bereft of forces that lead to depreciation of the asset. So, the user retrieves the same amount as earlier deposited to acquire the loan.

Safe Credit is given to this function because ALGON protects the user’s deposited currency from price depreciation. In other words, even if the price depreciates, the depositor will get the same price at the time of withdrawal or completion of the loan.


Unlike other swapping mechanisms, Walletreum does not charge any gas fee for cross-chain swapping. Also, other cryptosystems only allow swapping among the ERC20 tokens, but Walleterum bypasses this condition and allows swapping WALT with BTC, ETH, BNB, EOS, and USDT.

Also, the user interface built to enable swapping is another aspect that the users of Walletreum like particularly. Furthermore, the Walletreum wallet engages with multiple oracles to get the perfect swapping price.

Walletreum WALT Farming

WALT farming is enabled by the usage of the platform, particularly the lending and borrowing. Every day 4500 WALT tokens will be distributed to the users based on the engagement behavior and utilization of the platform features.

The spending will be split in half, with the lenders and buyers. Until and unless the funds’ distribution is not complete, the allocation plus distribution of these funds will continue.

Initiation and Future Launches

As of now, Lending, Zero Swap, and Safe Credit are active and running on the platform.

The phased introduction of Walletreum’s core features and functionalities is already underway. With the mainnet live, users can enjoy and interact with the platform, starting with Lending and Zero Swap, as the team continues to quickly develop and bring forth the rest of the services, soon to be available.

Almost every aspect of the platform addresses the core issues that the users face with existing platforms and looks to solve them.

To Sum it Up

Walletreum embeds a multitude of innovative and advanced features on the platform that makes it much better than other similar DeFi platforms. In the future, the users can expect to get even more smart and user-friendly features, including the mobile applications, Liquidity Aggregator Hybrid Exchange, and complete ALGON integration.