Why the Fline Investment Blockchain Platform is Way Better Than Any Masternode Investment

Why the Fline Investment Blockchain Platform is Way Better Than Any Masternode Investment

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While others are waiting on the market to turn around and for their positions to turn into profit, some other traders are trading both sides of the market. So whether the market is moving up or down, this set of people are steadily cashing in on the market movements. Like the name clearly denotes, “blockchain technology” the use of the technological solution to make things better and convenient is actively pursued in the filed. It is an established fact that robots or electronically automated programs have more accuracy than the average human if done well. When it comes to the financial market, the use of trading robots to enhance trading performance and automate trading activity and remove human error from the calculations has been greatly encouraged. With millions of dollar being spent by the big financial companies to develop holy grail financial trading robots for other financial markets such as stocks and forex, the crypto market has also seen a significant increase in the involvement of trading bots. Recent time has witnessed the launch of investment blockchain platform powered by high-performance trading robots. A good example of this is the Fline project.

The Fline investment blockchain platform is strongly backed by high quality and tested BitMex trading bots. The project which is supported by masternodes is designed to have a huge slice of its bots profits spent on buy-backs and price support.

The project’s goal is centered on creating simple, stable, and profitable sources of passive income based on algorithmic and price action trading.

The project has been described as the “ultimate collaboration between masternode ecosystem Midas.”

Available Bots

This is the number one and most recognized bot on the platform. The BTC/USD bot is said to be constantly scanning the market, have the ability to determine fakeouts/stopruns and ignore it. Incredible balance between reaction speed and ability to have the most profit from the move.‌‌ Backtest result – x61.

“Smaller” version of BTC/USD bot, but have less “smoothing”. The result on backtesting is nearly x15 (USD terms on this).

Algorithm for BTC pairs trading. TRX and EOS have more aggressive settings due to the wild nature of these assets, ETH – more “calm”, due to more stability of it. Algorithm executing trades on the 4H timeframe, for smooth work. Average strike-rate is 50-60%, results on backtesting – from x5+ on ETH to x13+ on TRX.

All bots catching big moves (if it is any) pretty much all the time, and all losing trades usually appear in ultra-low volatility phase of the market.‌‌

Reasons Behind Creating the Fline Coin


Trend trading is not always possible in flat market conditions. As a result, traders will surely need to wait for a big move to appear on the chat and for the both to capture the trend and ride it as long as possible. For investors, this is another way of earning money from their investment while the coin itself allows for creating a passive source of income for investors and obtain funds for the future development of the project.

Increased Coin Potential Due To The Buyback System

A part of pre-sale is dedicated to the bots trading. 50% of income provided by the bots are spent on coin support, which assures the price stability for the long-time.

Marketing for the bot

Masternode is generally for investors looking to put their money to work for an extended period of time. Just like any project, there is a need for marketing. Unlike other types of project that only depends on investors donations and its soft cap, the Fline project will be able to market its bots using profits gained from the bots.

Also, the fact that the bots are trading without leverage, makes them much safer than investing in regular masternode coins, while keeping the same return of investment.

The Fline project is another testimony of how blockchain technology makes things simpler with better-earning potential. The project is perfect for this who are already used to the idea of investing in masternodes and those who are not looking to get rich quick by maintaining a steady income.