World’s First Blockchain-based E-commerce Verification Has Commenced it Token Presale

World’s First Blockchain-based E-commerce Verification Has Commenced it Token Presale

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SimplyBrand, the world’s first blockchain-based e-commerce verification platform, has launched its token pre-sale on January 10th, 2019. This launch is in collaboration with COBINHOOD, a popular crypto exchange offering zero-trading-fee exchange along with an end-to-end ICO service provider.

SimplyBrand to End Online Counterfeiting

SimplyBrand which is set to put an end to online counterfeiting through the use of blockchain, AI and crowdsourcing will also be capitalising on a safe and trustworthy digital commerce ecosystem. There has been an increase in the number of fake goods factories in recent time and the current trade war between US and China has been pinpointed to be the main cause behind this increase in fake product on the market.

The global counterfeiting ring which has increased over time has long been a great threat to individuals world economies and companies. This has made it even more difficult to keep track of original products in the market. With new technology and production techniques being developed almost on a daily basis, the rate at which “real” product manufacturers are losing money and reputation as a result of fake products, is rapidly increasing.

According to a recent report from SimplyBrand, the company plan to reduce the rate at which consumers buy fake products. Through its in-house technology, simplyBrand is able to identify and verify products sold on all the major e-commerce platforms with high efficiency based on data including images, prices, locations, product description, etc.

This was further confirmed in a statement from the Kaufman Chang, founder and CEO of simplyBrand, which reads:
“For the past years, SimplyBrand has utilized data intelligence to successfully protect brand image and drive business results for Fortune 500 and renowned clients, including ASUS and popular luxury brands. As we usher in a new era powered by blockchain and AI technology, we believe the whole retail economy will benefit from this organic platform, which truly makes every purchase matter.”