MinerGate New Mining Client — xFast Miner Will Improve Hashrate up to 10%

MinerGate New Mining Client — xFast Miner Will Improve Hashrate up to 10%

One of the oldest and largest crypto mining pool in the world MinerGate, has recently confirmed the launch of its new mining client, the xFast Miner. The new client is expected to increase the system hashrate by 10 percent. The new client has been announced as the recommended mining client for the pool.

xFast Miner had 80 Thousand Beta Testers

According to the release, the xFast Miner which was initially released in its beta stage was downloaded and tested by more than 80 thousand users. The input from each user during the beta stage was instrumental towards improving the systems harsh rates and other pressing features, such as better stability and more hardware support. The new client is also said to provide an extreme harshrate boost of up to 300% on older hardware.

With the xFast Miner, MinerGate is expected to have a higher industry standard of efficiency as well as maximum hardware utilization.

The client is expected to provide the best hashrate for XMR and other CryptoNight-like coins.

The freshly released and final version of the mining application can be found in the download section of MinerGate’s official website.
The CEO and Founder of MinerGate, Claude Lecomte, also issued a statement regarding this latest development. He stated that:
“Everyone in the team is excited to present our advanced miner to the crypto world. We believe that the xFast Miner will become the best and trusted solution for both newcomers and professional miners”.

Over 3.5 Million Miners

According to information from MinerGate’s official website, the mining pool now has more than 3.5 million miners across the world. The pool also supports 11 major coins including BTC, XMR and ETH. When it comes to Uptime, MinerGate promises an Uptime of not less than 99.99%. On the pool, all withdrawals commence from 0.01 of the selected coin.