Rewarding the community through connectivity

XUEZ is a P2P digital blockchain project with an aim to build the next generation decentralized information infrastructure.

XUEZ is a peer to peer digital blockchain asset, with the mission of building and providing an open platform where privacy and anonymity are prioritized and valued as they are a fundamental human right. This project has been developed by the community for the community. This is a privacy-focused, internet-based, community project with an exceptionally fast payment confirmation protocol.

Project’s efforts are concentrate on not only re-establishing Satoshi Nakomoto’s vision of public empowerment, but to also create a future-forward model, allowing other projects to build on this platform, by building the next generation decentralized information infrastructure. The aim is to result in a much stronger and anonymous decentralized global virtual economy.

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Stating the current issues

The current internet infrastructure, coupled with the most common business model adopted by major surrounding server farms, has produced one of the largest and most centralized systems in the world. Server farms are typically dominated by large, centralized corporation that provide the cloud service required to host certain commercial and non-commercial services.

Analysis of the current cloud model confirms that renting virtual hardware through online portals is much more cost effective than running and maintaining local machines. This is largely due to the benefits of centralized companies which ensure that all servers are up to date, utilize the most advanced technology, are easily accessible and are reliable long-term. A central company can also provide a great deal of customer support.

The current model, however, presents a major dis-congruency to the aims of the current advancement of decentralized technology. The current decentralized systems of cryptocurrency are being built primarily upon centralized cloud service entities, a decentralized system is being erected on centralized infrastructure.

  • Cost, knowledge and incentive issue
    The expense of hardware investment and other initial costs a serious lack of knowledge base. The lack of user knowledge combined with advancing techniques requiring advanced coding skill for Masternode hosting and non-existent user-friendly interface.
  • Decentralized hypocrisy infrastructure
    The current cloud service infrastructure has been built upon 3 main layers: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Research designed to analyze the distribution of market share among the leading providers of cloud services by Helen Beckett concluded that Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure are the indisputable leaders, predicting that both Amazon and Google will capture 76 percent of all cloud revenue in 2018, and expand its share to 80 percent by 2020 (Beckett, H, 2019). This causes a growingly restrictive paradox as a consequence of a decentralized platform being established on highly centralized infrastructure. This increasing reliance on centralised services overthrows the main objective of decentralization and turns the strength of decentralised.
  • Cyber-Trust issue
    As we become increasingly dependent on technology that continues to advance in both speed and influence within the private lives, cyber threats and vulnerabilities are also creating trust issues for businesses and other organizations. Internationally, businesses are intimately familiar with the need for data protection. The risk of data leakage has intensified over the years unfortunately.

Solving the current issues

By building the new infrastructure from the foundation up, Xuez will provide a decentralized suite of products and services available on a truly decentralized and distributed network.

Xuez aims to simultaneously disrupt and rebuild the internet infrastructure through the democratization of control and by making the internet more affordable, accessible and incentivized.

The main function of a router is to forward data packets between computer networks by performing traffic directing functions on the internet. Xuez as a Service model aims to add tools and services to the network by utilizing unused router processing capacity to run services for Xuez Clients, which is supported by incentivizing users who supports the redistribution and decentralization of the current internet infrastructure.

Xuez as a Service (XaaS)

All technological apparatus has been built upon an infrastructure. The Xuez Smart hub removes dependency from all the central entities by distributing and incentivizing its users, as well as providing a method to securely store, stake and host multiple Masternodes.

Xuez Smart hub Concept

The Xuez smart hub will provide users with global access to an innovative global economy by bridging the Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service models together, by re-engineering and re-purposing an ideal house router to build and power a decentralized cloud. This cloud will form the next-generation distributed server network with unlimited potential; built by the community for the community.

Incentivized Virtual Economy

Xuez smart routers will fully utilize our re-engineered, incentivized internet infrastructure, providing a decentralized alternative to the traditional centralized server model in which the server is owned and run by central entities.

This will enable smaller traditional disadvantage users, such as small businesses, to gain access to better and more affordable services by removing the need for costly infrastructure. Furthermore, it providing developers a scalable and open platform to develop upon through its next generation internet infrastructure, which is accomplished by the interconnecting of all individually operated Xuez Smart hub.

This results in the disruption of traditionally centralized Internet infrastructure.

Vision breakdown

Phase 1: Xuez Cryptocurrency Eco-system
Global economy built and working

Phase 2: Production Financing and distribution
Pre-sale to fund the costs of the Xuez Smart router

Phase 3: Platform research and development
Multi-platform research and development

Phase 4: Service research and development.
Additional Xuez service research and development

Xuez global economy

Xuez smart routers form a unique distributed server network that offers potentially unlimited processing power and storage. Clients are able to build and integrate their own solutions within this decentralized infrastructure. They can efficiently collect, store, process, and analyze data upon a decentralized and encrypted network.

As project’s ecosystem will grow, its products will grow with it. By working to support anonymous networks such as the TOR network, the project will increase both privacy and security for all individuals that wish to utilize its functions.

Xuez Global Virtual Economy

Xuez Hub

The Xuez smart hub will provide users with global access to an innovative global economy by bridging the Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service models together, by re-engineering and re-purposing an ideal house router to build and power a decentralised cloud. This cloud will form the next-generation distributed server network with unlimited potential; built by the community for the community.

Xuez Cyber Skills Lab

Xuez Cyber Skills Laboratory is an online open platform which teaches concepts to increase personal Security and Privacy within the cyber realm. The open platform provides an engaging, self-paced and easy to use combination of tutorial videos.

Future aims and roadmap

Phase 1 – Global Virtual Economy: Completed
Phase 2 – Completion target 2019
  • Market and technological based research
  • Multiplatform development bounty
  • Compliance research and application
  • 1000 Initial Xuez Smart hub Pre-sale
  • Alpha stage Multiplatform application release
  • Market/technological research and Product Development/evaluation
  • Additional 5,000 Xuez Hub Pre-sale (depending on the initial pre-sale outcome)
  • Xuez Smart Hub Development Bounty release
  • End of year Performance Evaluation
Phase 3 – Completion target 2020
  • Decentralized file storage and secure file transfer system development bounty release
  • Point of Sale infrastructure research and development
  • Personal Xuez Card market research
  • 8,000 Xuez Server Pre-sale
  • Decentralized file storage and secure file transfer alpha launch
  • Point of Sale devices pre-sale
  • Xuez Card distribution
  • End of year Performance Evaluation
Phase 4 – Completion target 2022
  • Research Development for decentralized cloud processing technology
  • Decentralized cloud computing based on CPU-sharing cluster technology Alpha release
  • Multiplatform application “Point-of-sale and security updates” development
  • 55,000,000 Xuez Server Online
  • Market research, technological research and Product Development