XUEZ: A Project That Has It All to Replace Bitcoin

XUEZ: A Project That Has It All to Replace Bitcoin

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The success of altcoins such as Ethereum and Litecoin, has lead to an increase in the number of coins currently circulating in the global crypto market. There are more than 2000 active cryptos in the market right now and the number is not showing any sign of dwindling anything soon. Hopefully, the extensive bear market will see to it that many of these worthless coins get removed from the market.

One thing common with altcoins is the plan to replace Bitcoin in the open market. Bitcoin is known for its lack of scalability and low transactional speed. This pitfall makes a popular reference point for coins with an aim to be the “next” bitcoin. Unfortunately, a very few percentages of these coins have any structure signaling that they are likely to replace Bitcoin in place. Apart from a whitepaper and some well-detailed road map, these projects have nothing else signaling that they are worth a second look.

Fortunately, we still have a crypto project with an agenda to replace the well known and capitalized coins in the market. A perfect example of this is the XUEZ project.

The XUEZ Platform

XUEZ which is a community focused project is peer to peer digital blockchain project which is set on developing the “next generation decentralized information infrastructure.”
XUEZ plans to develop an open platform through which the two fundamental human rights—anonymity and privacy become prioritized and valued.

The project will be capitalizing on its internet and internet-based nature to provide the community with an exceptionally fast payment confirmation protocol. With the projects being a community focused projects, whereby several experts will be contributing towards the development of the project, the Satoshi Nakomoto’s vision of public empowerment, will be fulfilled. Also, the project will develop a future-forward model, allowing other projects to build on this platform. So not only will the project be following in line with the original objective of the blockchain network, but it will also help ensure that upcoming decentralised projects have a stronger and anonymous decentralized global virtual economy to depend on it.

Issues Faced by the Current Networking Structure

The current internet infrastructure, coupled with the most common business model adopted by major surrounding server farms, has produced one of the largest and most centralized systems in the world. Server farms are typically dominated by a large, centralized corporation that provides the cloud service required to host certain commercial and non-commercial services.

Analysis of the current cloud model confirms that renting virtual hardware through online portals is much more cost effective than running and maintaining local machines. This is largely due to the benefits of centralized companies which ensure that all servers are up to date, utilize the most advanced technology, are easily accessible and are reliable long-term. A central company can also provide a great deal of customer support.

The current model, however, presents a major dis-congruency to the aims of the current advancement of decentralized technology. The current decentralized systems of cryptocurrency are being built primarily upon centralized cloud service entities, a decentralized system is being erected on centralized infrastructure.

Solutions to These Issues

By building the new infrastructure from the foundation up, Xuez will provide a decentralized suite of products and services available on a truly decentralized and distributed network.

Xuez aims to simultaneously disrupt and rebuild the internet infrastructure through the democratization of control and by making the internet more affordable, accessible and incentivized.

The main function of a router is to forward data packets between computer networks by performing traffic directing functions on the internet. Xuez as a Service model aims to add tools and services to the network by utilizing unused router processing capacity to run services for Xuez Clients, which is supported by incentivizing users who support the redistribution and decentralization of the current internet infrastructure.

Xuez Projects

Xuez as a Service (XaaS)
All technological apparatus has been built upon an infrastructure. The Xuez Smart hub removes the dependency from all the central entities by distributing and incentivizing its users, as well as providing a method to securely store, stake and host multiple Masternodes.

Xuez Smart hub Concept

The Xuez smart hub will provide users with global access to an innovative global economy by bridging the Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a service model together, by re-engineering and re-purposing an ideal house router to build and power a decentralized cloud. This cloud will form the next-generation distributed server network with unlimited potential; built by the community for the community.

The Xuez not only focuses on replacing bitcoin with its fast payment confirmation protocol, but it will also serve as a building block for other blockchain projects. This makes the platform sustainable and perfect for long time investment.