Yuge Money | A Multi-token and Multi-profit Generation Platform for All

Yuge Money | A Multi-token and Multi-profit Generation Platform for All

Yuge Money

Yuge Money and TRUMP have started weaving a new fabric from the same crypto cloth, but this new piece is nothing less than a revolution. To put in simple words, Yuge Money and TRUMP have become the first and foremost, gambling token based on elections. It is quite intriguing to come across a community-driven token system that has three tokens running on the same ecosystem simultaneously.

Furthermore, the reward generation from the entire ecosystem is also different from all the other systems that are present today. Providing liquidity garners a stimulus in the form of VOTES tokens that make the user eligible for political wagering DAPP and also provides the governance power. Furthermore, the liquidity providers can generate passive income via staking, which functions mostly as any other staking mechanism.

Also, the name TRUMP comes because of the support this token is receiving from the white house. That is why the third token running on the platform is named $MDGA or MakeDefiGreatAgain.

The Working of Three-Token Platform

So, how does a platform with three tokens actually generate profits, governance power, and allow the users to wager? Basically, it begins from the $YUGE which has a limited supply of 1,776,000 tokens. The users can buy $YUGE from Uniswap or other exchanges on this it is listed. This includes coinmarketcap, coingecko, and so on.

Then, by farming the $YUGE, every user can get $VOTES tokens. And there is no limit to the supply of $VOTES. As long as the user keeps on farming, they can earn or generate $VOTES tokens. There are two benefits of getting $VOTES. They can be exchanged to buy $MDGA and earn wagering ability on the DAPP and governance power.

This is particularly beneficial because if any users do not want to farm or provide liquidity anymore, they still hold the $VOTES tokens as a stimulus to work on the DAPP wagering. The ability and experience to wager on the DAPP will be even better for the veteran stakers and participants.

Lastly, the $MDGA tokens again have a limited supply of just 2020 tokens. Plus, they will not be minted ever again and this precedent is set by an immutable smart contract. However, the users have to spend their $VOTES token to purchase the $MDGA tokens. The benefit of buying a $MDGA token is that the owners of this token will become a permanent member of a separate team of owners. Everybody on this team will receive the profits generated from DAPPs transactions in ETH. The rewards are shared equally among all the members.

Recently, Yuge.Money also held a presale for the $MDGA tokens at the purchase rate of 1ETH for 1 token. Simply put, buying or owning the $MDGA tokens makes the user a member of the executive club where they can be a part of the decision-making process and also earn regular profits from the DAPPs operations.

Switch to Yuge.Money Easily

Even though the users the current liquidity providers for some other platform or DeFi system, Yuge.Money has made it easier for them to switch or migrate the liquidity here. Six different pools are pre-selected by the founders and developers which can be used to migrate successfully.

Moreover, once the users have gained VOTES tokens, they can choose the pools that can be added to the platform for migration and other purposes. So, they are giving the governance power in the hands of the users allowing them to make decisions together.

All the users need to do is start staking the existing LP tokens into any sort of list of pools that are available at present. Every block on the chain will have 100 votes, and they will be shared with the users or stakers in accordance with their LP share on all the pools connected to the platform.

Yuge.Money ($VOTES) and YUGE ($TRUMP)

It has already been stated that the holders of $VOTES will receive 100% of the transaction fee and voting power. But, for the $TRUMP token holders will get a discount on the bets or wagers put forth on the platform. This discount percentage will depend on the holding power of the tokens as compared to others.

Future Roadmap and Betting Platform

Yuge.Money has set the path to launch the betting platform before the elections this year. All the VOTES token holders can be a part of the decision making pertaining to the betting platform. Furthermore, they will be eligible to receive the share of the transaction fee coming from the betting platform once it is live.

Both the TRUMP and VOTES token holders can wager on the elections without any cost or fee.


There are a lot of things that are going on with this platform at present. Three types of tokens, DAPPs, gambling, betting, farming, staking, and whatnot. All these functions and features have been connected to each other beautifully.

The three-tiered token generation and exchange system is also something that is unique and extraordinary about this platform. The users joining Yuge.Money now can also generate a 5x multiplier on all the pools. So, this means that early birds will benefit the most here, in terms of voting and staking power.