AceDcoin Will Be Switching to Ethereum Network With AceD Swapping to AceD Tokens

AceDcoin Will Be Switching to Ethereum Network With AceD Swapping to AceD Tokens


Blockchain-based online gaming and gambling platform AceDBets has made good progress ever since going live earlier this year in March 2020. Since then, the developers of AceDCoin have been working to add many sporting events, as the platform hosts over 15 different online gambling facilities.

The platform offers support for Bitcoin but also has its own native cryptocurrency called AceD. All bets on the platform are in AceD and users can withdraw money from their AceD wallets anytime they want.

However, the developers have decided to undergo a major change. As per their latest community announcement, the AceD cryptocurrency will be swapped to AceD tokens.

This means that AceDBets will be moving away from its traditional MasterNodes platform. The decision of this swap arrived after a number of bad actors exploited the MasterNode rewards for a long time. This has not impacted the reputation of the platform, but brought down the value of AceD coins.

Switching to the Ethereum Network

The developers of AceDCoin have decided to move their base to the Ethereum blockchain platform. They think the switch to Ethereum network will help them overcome all these problems and hopefully boost the price of AceD tokens.

The developers have thus requested some co-operation from the existing token-holders to make this swap process absolutely swift and hassle-free.The swap of AceD tokens already took place in the last week of May.

The AceDCoin team has confirmed that the swap was successful and any swap requests coming forward shall be honored to a 1:1 ratio. The new Ethereum-based AceD tokens will be soon available in their official website i.e. Thus, users will be able to start betting using the new Token.

Speaking about their successful swap, the AceDCoin team said: “Overall the swap was a success, we are proud to have made history by conducting the first Crypto Swap on a sportsbook. This proves that our platform’s capacity and security is top notch as there was 0 Fallout”.

Henceforth, the old AceD chain has become redundant. Also, the total supply for the AceD tokens have been maxed by four times to 100 million tokens.

After the successful swapping, all the non-circulating tokens are moved to a single address and shared publicly. However, in the near future, the cold staking facility will be available on AceDBets.

AceD and GIN Strategic Merger

The AceDCoin team is currently discussing with other cryptocurrency projects Livecoin regarding a potential merger. Some of the benefits of this merger would be:

1) AceD will be listed on Livecoin (We will replace their current listing with AceD token) Approximately 4BTC to list on Livecoin right now.

2) AceD will receive rights to their twitter account (Over 5000 followers)

3) All the coin holders will receive a set swap ratio for the new aced token, this will expand the aced community and bring instant demand and value to AceD Token.

4) We will also be opening new sectors of business for ACED which will be carried over from merging the project’s development team.

This will ultimately create a win-win situation for both AceD and GIN communities. With this merger, AceD will get access to a larger and quality community. This merger will help to bring more users and thus create bigger awareness to AceD’s sportsbook, entertainment hub, and ecosystem.

As stated above, AceD will take over and put back life in GIN’s Livecoin listing. You can read more details about the merger here.

Successful OTC Sale of 50 Million AceD Tokens And InPlay Betting

Recently, due to the high demand, AceDCoin team is conducting an additional OTC sale of 50 million AceD Tokens live on the Graviex exchange. The proceeds of this sale will go further platform development like exchange listings, aid development, maintenance of the platform, and upcoming products.

Powered by the AceDCoin Tokens, the AceDBet platform is a full scale sportsbook which offers comprehensive coverage of global events. The platform will soon be launching its much-awaited InPlay betting feature.