Behold the Reincarnation of “Satoshi Nakamoto” – ADOR Presents GacahPon EXP

Behold the Reincarnation of “Satoshi Nakamoto” – ADOR Presents GacahPon EXP


The continuous and unprecedented developments in the cryptoworld are one of its best aspects. To follow the rising trends and stay ahead with the developments, one has to look for the latest advancements and innovative concepts.

During one avenue of this research, another revolution in the making was found. ADOR, with the launch of its “Virtual Renaissance”, is aiming to onboard creators around the globe to this digital frontier. Now, ADOR is making headway into the industry with a first-ever virtual renaissance event, GachaPon Exp (GPX). This seems to be spawned from their slogan, “What would Satoshi do?”

What is the Event About?

The GPX is a mission-based event aiming to bring together traditional and Blockchain artists or even include performers and give them access to a low-friction virtual marketplace. This agnostic approach implies that, unlike other systems, there are no limitations on the minting activities. The group also sees this as a way for new collectors to begin their virtual inventory of rare & exclusive digital art, seeing as most of the prizes can fetch upwards of 5 ETH and beyond!

Furthermore, it was found that roughly 20 artists will be allowed to mint max, five designs each from their dedicated accounts, and these 100+ designs will be put up in the “GPX virtual machine as prizes, with the bulk of the proceeds going to artists and a small percentage to global efforts like #ENDSARS (End Special Anti-Robbery Squad (End SARS) or #EndSARS).

Along with this effort by the Hidden Grove, 5% of the revenue generated will be sent to the official public account to support artists. Another 5% will go towards the ADOR GIVES acceleration & relief program.

Dual Participation Formats

There are two ways to become a part of the big event, Method one: by filling a form or Method 2: by purchasing a GachaPON ADOR NFT.

The form involves sharing a retweet link provided to the users and then sharing the retweet link via the Official Entry Form and some other details. This includes a Twitter handle, Telegram address, and the TRUST ETHER Address.

The second method involves buying GPX NFTs from the marketplace. The benefit of purchasing a NFT from the marketplace is that the users will also get an opportunity to play Spin and Win with a bonus chance. Users have a 90% chance of winning an NFT if they purchase a GPX NFT, and a 10% chance of winning if they only enter with Method 1. We also were informed that the GPX NFTs will play a larger role in ADOR tokenomics down the road.

There are three “SPIN” rounds with a 24-hour gap beginning from 20th October 2020.

Not only will the event prove to be a great foundation for the budding and veteran artists, but it will also become a fun marketplace for the consumers and positive energy that the blockchain deserves and needs. Developers, web designers, logo makers, are always looking for innovative designs.

The concept of this event may be simple, but the underlying cause and the estimated exposure provisioned to the artists will be huge. The name genesis is apt for the event as it aims to create a new ripple in the industry that will assist and support artists from all the corners.

That is the core of the event, Freedom of Expression. Now it is possible to see the answer to the question “What would satoshi do?”. Instead of taking a back seat and allowing others to create a new world, ADOR and the GENEsis creators are stepping forward as leaders to empower new standards of creativity.

Based on the Gachapon Concept

The famous Japanese prize vending machine game, Gachapon, is the basic premise of the event. However, this time, it has a virtual makeover, and now accessible to the global community.

To Sum it Up

ADOR has been working to improve the community of digital creatives and artists by bringing together such innovative concepts. There are no physical or regional restrictions with ADOR that makes the entire concept universal and adaptive. The event is just a single step towards multi-industry collaboration and creating an integrated platform for the entire community.