CopyCAT- An Opportunity for All Traders to Become Leaders

CopyCAT- An Opportunity for All Traders to Become Leaders


The new doors for investment and profits are open with CopyCat to analyze leaders’ moves and tactics in the trading industry. Now everyone can come and populate the leaderboard and get access to live data of the strategies and market indicators.

How to get started with CopyCAT?

Land on the Registration page and go through the 5-minute sign-up process to become a platform’s standard user. The task is quite simple, and once done, the users will get access to the live trading interface to interact with CopyCAT and become one as well.

The task involves providing the following details:

  • A valid and active email address
  • Setup username
  • Create a strong password
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions

After entering this information, the platform will redirect to a payment screen. The users can confirm payment in the Bitcoin equivalent of $20. On the Thank You screen, the current price will be displayed along with a notification that asks to send the exact amount to the given address.

Take into account that BTC payments are time-consuming as it processes over a high-traffic network. Hence, the payment status will appear as “Confirmed” only when it reaches CopyCAT.

Enter CopyCAT Profile

The payment process is also a convenient task. Scan the QR code given on the Thank You page using Wallet or paste the deposit address to the usual BTC payment mode.

As the payment is under-processing, the users will still have access to the trading interface. However, some features will be restricted. By entering the valid information, CopyCAT assures seamless access to all the platform functions

While some profile features are optional such as Profile Photo, others are mandatory, such as BTC address. Don’t forget to link with the ByBit account.

For users who don’t have a ByBit account, it’s possible to create one within the CopyCAT interface. Find the partner link from the top of the website interface to get one immediately.

Note: CopyCAT is accessible to ByBit accounts that are set up through the partner link only. The process only takes a minute, and the information needed for payments includes- API and Private Key only.

ByBit API Key Creation

With the registration on ByBit, the users need to create new API keys, which need two-factor authentication via SMS or Google authenticator. After clicking on the Create New Key button, choose the key usage mode, Application Name, Key Permission, and authentication token/code to move forward.

A private API key will generate and appear on the screen. Write them down for safekeeping as it won’t be accessible again. Seeing this is the only chance to record the keys, take a screenshot, and avoid sharing them.

Setup Deposit Address

Get back to the Trading window and enter the API keys. The next step is depositing funds in the ByBit account. Check the address associated with the account and send Bitcoin to it. Another part of the profile section will get the blue-tick after the payment confirmation.

The final section is adding the Deposit address where the traders will receive the payments for referrals. With the referral link, the link owner gets a complete payment of a $20 deposit. The total earnings appear on the right side of the profile, along with the personal referral link.

Start Trading with CopyCAT

From the website interface, click on the COPYCATS and follow the successful traders. The current CopyCAT leaders and trading statistics will appear on the screen. There is a filter option on the basis of Coin Pair, Trading Mode, and Strategy.

The trades’ market performance will also appear in the consequent space, including leverage, coin pair, strategy, ROI in different periods, Risk, Average number of trades, last trades, and followers.

Identify the trade that is worth following and press the Follow button on RHS. Now, everything is set for trading, and all the settings of the user account will replicate into the trading account. Review the status of the trade within the Dashboard’s Following section.

Here’s how users can earn with CopyCAT trading. A user can also become a leader by placing indicators and strategies via webhooks.

There is another manual way via the Telegram interface to do the same. CopyCAT leaders receive 20% of the trading fee if other users earn by following the respective trades. Become a successful trader and get paid regularly in Bitcoin with CopyCAT.