Adshares ADS | How to Advertise Blockchain Project Effectively?

Adshares ADS | How to Advertise Blockchain Project Effectively?


WARSAW, POLAND, July 21, 2021 – Adshares has recently announced a new roadmap of the platform. Focusing on improving the product viability and creating a Go-To Market strategy for the advertising market, the platform is recreating the first decentralized and scalable adserver network as well as redefining the core concepts like tokenomics. More than 600 publishers are connected to the Adshares network and use it for monetizing the viewers and generating revenues with over 200 million views per month. This gives a great opportunity to advertise effectively in the crypto world.

Using Blockchain to Revolutionize the Ads Market

Adshares is the first and one-of-its-kind decentralized advertising ecosystem bringing innovation in this domain with programmatic advertising and media plan as a service functionality. It works on the ADS blockchain enabling fast processing and low-fee transactions for the users. Adshares is a decentralized and adblock-resistance advertising network strong enough to become an alternative to Google Ads and crypto-oriented news sharing networks like Coinzilla, etc.

With blockchain in ad sharing and news networks, Adshares creates a fair and automatic banner marketplace for publishers and advertisers. The participants can run ads and share news without getting blocked, dictated, and censored.

As the network is able to handle 1.4 million transactions every second, it is faster than the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. All of this is complemented with a low-fee platform giving advertisers one of the best platforms to reach millions of new potential customers.

Adshares Blockchain Premium Features

Advertising with Adshares premium network ( comes with several benefits. These include access to the best blockchain news publishers and Media Plan As A Service. It is available to advertise using 50+ cryptocurrencies deposit as well as FIAT and receive an invoice. For advertisers, the Adshares network provides easy access to the best crypto news websites, transparent transactions, no middleman, and improved freedom to post ads from the crypto industry.

Advertisers get campaign planning support and the ability to advertise in formats:
– banner ads
– newsletter promotion
– PR, sponsored articles
– social media promotion

The publishers, on the other hand, are able to get new customers. In addition to this, they are also benefiting from low fees, instant payment, and adblock traffic monetization. For premium websites, it is possible to get up to $1000 monthly as a bonus.

The Adshares Rebirth

Adshares is a 2017 project with a working product. From the waves of its development and new aspects being planned, Adshares has accelerated its activities. The new business development plan aims to become a major player in the blockchain advertising market and scaling the ecosystem to build open-source software for advertising networking.

The roadmap is prepared to bring about a new staking program, Media Plan As A Service functionality, and new ads format benefiting the crypto news publishers and projects.

About Adshares

Adshares runs on the Enterprise Service Chain blockchain, which has one of the highest TPS and ensures decentralization in the crypto ads and news sharing operations. The users working with the platform can monetize their traffic and improve the advertisement revenue by unlocking the full potential of running ads without censorship and in different formats with full transparency. The project is dedicated to helping publishers and advertisers maximize their returns and access several advertising networks at once. It is worth mentioning, that banner ads are stored in a decentralized way using SKYNET. The Adshares software also allows you to create your own advertising network within the ADS ecosystem.

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