Blockbank | Leveraging AI and Traditional Banking Systems to Create a Comprehensive Mobile Application

Blockbank | Leveraging AI and Traditional Banking Systems to Create a Comprehensive Mobile Application


Vilnius, Lithuania / July 23, 2021/ BlockBank has helped its users generate more than $100 million in managed assets with a promising 30% APY for the future. Also, Simone Giacomelli has become a part of the BlockBank community and will work as an adviser to the platform helping in future development targeting better use cases for the people. BlockBank represents an innovative approach to accumulate every blockchain and cryptocurrency-related application on the user’s device and letting them access everything from a single interface.

Intelligent Advisor for the People

BlockBank provides its users with a wide array of functions, including giving them advice on DeFi opportunities and usability of the platform with AI-enabled risk management delivered via neobanking. The platform will help beginner, and professional traders access authentic advice channelized by AI systems working on the platform.

One of the upcoming developments includes AI Robo Advisor that will scrutinize real-time trading activities and understand the social media chatter to provide it’s users with strong advice. These pieces of advice are shared in the form of risk assessment, earning strategies, price predictions, and trade execution.

The aim is to streamline access to financial technology and make it affordable for every user. BlockBank combines the most valuable parts of Centralized and Decentralized finance along with traditional banking systems to create a holistic overview of the entire industry.

One Application for Every Function

BlockBank also brings together the work of different financial and crypto applications or dApps under a single ceiling. Users who have mobile applications to use crypto wallets, exchanges, get news alerts, etc., can use a single application, BlockBank, to get access to all the features at once.

The platform has partnered up with several innovative organizations to bring the best benefits of the crypto industry to its users. BlockBank’s partnership with SKAEL is meant to create a patented AI-powered system that will help users gain a better technical and functional understanding of the crypto industry.

Among one of the many simultaneous developments, BlockBank shook hands with Xend Finance, which is a global DeFi platform operating specifically for credit unions and cooperatives. With this partnership, BlockBank brings the benefits of trading in cryptocurrencies to this segment and provides higher interest with stability.

Similar partnerships have been initiated with Shield Finance, Modefi, API3, Umbrella Network, Bridge Mutual, PolyNetwork, Ontology, Chainlink, PlasmaFinance, and HAPI. Out of these, Chainlink is tasked with feeding accurate and reliable pricing data to BlockBank’s AI Robo Advisor.

BBANK For Platform-Based Transactions

BBANK is the platform’s utility token that is used by the community to access the rewards program and leverage AI assistance. The users can also stake the BBANK in a non-custodial crypto wallet, which is accessible from BlockBank to earn APY interest on the staked tokens.

There are daily rewards meant for the users, which will materialize by holding or staking a predetermined amount of tokens on the platform. The four tiers and one VIP tier staking system are aimed at rewarding the users according to their ability to contribute towards the platform’s development.

BlockBank for the Future

The future developments of the BlockBank application will further demystify the crypto banking experience, making it better and user-oriented. The AI Robo Advisor will be added with data-influenced investing recommendations provided to the users with in-App chat or voice commands.

It will also help the users create and manage a portfolio of investments, helping the ones with a lack of time to engage with the crypto industry and gain knowledge effectively.

About BlockBank

BlockBank is an AI-enabled mobile banking experience and has crypto integration. The aim of developing the platform is to provide a one-stop solution to the users by accumulating every crypto-related feature on a single application and enhancing the user experience. It combines DeFi and CeFi while ensuring better security and privacy for the users without compromising their ability to interact with the crypto industry.

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