Al Buraq Is Now a Part of Al-Quran Promoting the Teachings of Holy Quran

Al Buraq Is Now a Part of Al-Quran Promoting the Teachings of Holy Quran

The inception and distribution of Al Buraq certifies that it is possible to bridge the gap between modernism and the pivotal traditional values that are sacred to the community. Running on the blockchain Althash, the Al-Buraq is an HRC20 crypto-currency token developed for operations on the website Al-Burq.

The Al-Buraq website runs with a purpose to propagate the teachings of the Holy Quran and the token will be used by the students to buy digital prints of the holy Quran and to reward the teachers contributing towards the cause.

What are Althash and Al-Quran?

Althash is a Blockchain as a Service platform that has been running with HTMLCoin since 2014. As a blockchain, Althash provides access to the governments and other large-scale institutions to utilize its DApps creating ability. The participants can create DApps via Althash and distribute the same with their users for a wide array of purposes and motives.

The Althash blockchain claims to provide the best of both worlds by leveraging the security of Bitcoin and the flexibility of Ethereum proffering a new and more accessible blockchain to the users.

Al-Buraq is the website which helps the students who want to learn about the holy Quran and the teachers who are interested in propagating those teachings. The role of Al-Buraq is that it acts as a medium of exchange on the website between the operators, students, and the teachers.

Al-Buraq Token and its Use Cases

The Al-Buraq token has recently been integrated on the Al-Buraq platform. However, this integration has also been done to spread awareness and teachings of Islam and the Holy Quran to Muslims. To facilitate these teachings, call centers have been set up from where the teachers can take calls and do their work. Since the teaching methods are digital, there is ease of distribution in the country and world.

One of the most important use cases of the Al-Buraq token includes reward for teachers and allowing students to buy the digitized products related to the Holy Quran from the website. The Al-Quran is also a DApp created on the Althash blockchain and works as a global platform for the purposes set forth by the operators.

Al-Buraq website also offers web-hosting plans and other services like sale and registration of domains. The hosting plans offer unlimited number of website hosting with a Cpanel and no-limit SSD webspace.

How users can Acquire Al-Buraq?

The development team of Al-Buraq have a motive which translates to help users utilize a cryptocurrency that is running on the HRC20 Althash blockchain which is using HTMLas gas, to give better access to the educational DApps sector.

You can join HTMLCOIN Group on telegram or Al-Buraq Group on telegram to receive tip and rain via Codex Wallet Bot.

Recently, Al-Buraq started a bounty campaign. As per their marketing policy the project is giving away 100,000 BURQ one BURQ equal to 10 HTML coin so it means 1 Million HTMLCoin.

The project is listed on the platform Blockchain Official

For giveaway go HERE

Another way to acquire the Al-Buraq is by playing the quiz. The Dapp also hosts a quiz, where users can win Al-Buraq tokens just by answering correctly.

Tokenomics of Al-Buraq

The Al-Buraq token runs under the ticker name BURQ and has a total supply of 200 million. The HRC20 token has been pre-allocated between the quiz, honorarium teachers rewards, the development team, and reserved for future partnerships plus marketing.

Where 20 million for their VIP’s, 100 million tokens are reserved for the quiz and honorarium, 35 million for the team, and 45 million for the partnerships and marketing efforts.


Althash, Al-Quran, and Al-Buraq are working collectively to promote the teachings of the Holy Quran in the Muslim community. This is a one-of-its-kind cryptocurrency and is available for the community to use, learn, and propagate.


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