Tomasz Wojewoda Explains How to Take Charge of the Bitcoin Destiny with AGA Token

Tomasz Wojewoda Explains How to Take Charge of the Bitcoin Destiny with AGA Token

AGA Token

WASHINGTON / February 24, 2021 / Tomasz Wojewoda, CEO of AGA Token explains how investors can take charge of their Bitcoin destiny by investing in a mining operation such as AGA. Like any other investment, even cryptocurrency investment comes with its own share of self-doubt: when to stay put, when not to and whether or not the right decision has been made. With the traditional investment strategy in mind, investors buy crypto when the price is low and sell when high. However, Tomasz Wojewoda suggests that there is a smarter way of investing i.e. investing in a mining operation in addition to investing in bitcoin itself.

AGA is a cryptocurrency mining operation where mining of bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies take place; thereby offering the investors an excellent opportunity to purchase the AGA token and governing the actual mining operation. In addition to that, for all the times the price of bitcoin is stable, investors can benefit from high annual percentage yield rewards; through staking and liquidity pool bonus reward by up to 24% in annual interest rate.

Launched in 2017, AGA mines where the hydro electricity prices are the lowest. AGA is green powered and aims to be carbon neutral by 2025. AGA mining operations are conducted at significantly lower costs than compared to the others in the open market. With the recent history of soaring mining costs, AGA has managed to keep their costs low as they have purchased their superc-omputing machinery in bulk when the price was low. This means lower cost for investors who are planning on mining now or in the near future.

Investors who hold more than 10,000 AGA tokens are deemed AGA Governance Members and AGA considers them to be the esteemed board of directors with direct and immediate access to AGA Leaders. AGA invites investors to be a part of the community of contributors and bitcoin enthusiasts. Every individual or entity that invests in AGA Tokens is a part of the AGA family and they are by no means considered as just bystanders. The platform welcomes community feedback, open forum discussions, instructional videos, blogs and more. The community members can also benefit from additional financial rewards as and when they provide their tokens to the AGA liquidity pool.

So, all those who wish to take charge of their bitcoin destiny are welcome to join the AGA Family. This is the perfect platform for community-minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts. To know more visit


AGA is a decentralized Bitcoin mining protocol which works through AGA token for its governance and monthly rewards. AGA also combines DeFi with Bitcoin Mining. The process starts with token sales funding the mining; the mining profits funding the AGA token monthly rewards and buybacks; this leads to a fixed supply of token which contribute to a predictable monthly income and price appreciation.


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