ATROMG8 Token to List on P2PB2B Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

ATROMG8 Token to List on P2PB2B Global Cryptocurrency Exchange


ATROMG8 is pleased to announce that its ATROM token is soon to find a listing on one of the leading crypto exchanges, P2PB2B. The cryptocurrency specific to the Multi-DLT platform, ATROMG8 is scheduled to go live on the exchange network on 14 April, 2020.

P2PB2B is a trading platform that provides businesses and individual traders with low commissions, multi-support, strong security, and open API. With its innovative integrated payment system, P2PB2B is opening doors for profitable and convenient investments in startups and new projects around the world. Reputed as the “next-generation crypto exchange”, P2PB2B is presently the fastest growing technological exchange in the world.

Introduction & Token

ATROMG8, the Atronocom and VisionG8 alliance, is a decentralized transaction platform built on the observation and experimentation on cutting-edge software conceived from a range of Open Source projects developed over the past decades. The platform is an integration of multiple technologies that have contributed exceptionally in setting up an efficient and secure ecosystem that is ATROMG8.

ATROM is the utility token required to access and operate the ATROMG8 software. It helps users in the secure exchange of critical data, meeting the cost of services, and compensate for the various efforts made on the network by node operators and the ATROMG8 community.

Features of the project

The project, ATROMG8 is aimed at catering to the contemporary requirements of the digital sphere in its pursuit to develop a self-sufficient, real-time ecosystem that ensures safety for every user. The platform has recently launched its unique blockchain messenger and transaction gateway faculty that contributes towards enhancing the encryption value of conversations and transactions taking place within the blockchain environment. The application is operable like any other messenger and file transfer service but with higher security owing to its enhanced metadata protection.

ATROMG8 is currently working on the implementation of a novel Digital Student Pass aimed at supporting local and international students in the disposal of their academic requirements through providing digital certifications, confirmations, financial assistance, and every possible help. The company’s highly innovative MixNet Superstructure technology makes it for the users and institutions to build their portfolio on its structure.

ATROMG8 is also leading the trail in the creation of a satellite network dedicated to exclusive accessing and utilization of blockchain ledgers without the persisting dependence on the internet. This revolutionary step has placed the platform as the Enterprise Accelerator for the 5.0 Superstructures that it is building.


The platform is engaged in a constant exchange with international organizations like the Oxford, Blockchain Society, Crypto Valley Association, Italia4Blockchain and other leading groups of the like to keep up with the global trends. With a rich fraternity of experts and thinkers from all over the world, ATROMG8 is paced up towards its goal of putting in place a safe multi blockchain-based ecosystem befitting national and international community setups.