Martkist: A game-changing Update

Martkist: A game-changing Update

Martkist voting hub

It is with great pleasure that we bring to your attention the arrival of the Martkist’s budget proposal and voting hub live testing! Just in case you didn’t know, Martkist is revolutionizing the e-commerce world by decentralizing the marketplace and giving power back to the users. We provide a deeper explanation of Martkist and what they are trying to do.

Why you should care

Although the new update is not 100% complete yet, the budget proposal and voting hub look likely to take Martkist to the next level which will further strengthen the community and their currency. Many developers have still not quite understood the priceless value a community can bring. Yes, many do create a platform for community members to share ideas, but how many truly take them on board and act upon them? Not many. The developers at Martkist have been and they’ve been listening closely. They’ve got a really clear understanding of the wants and needs of the community and have delivered in every way. This truly is an exciting time to be a part of Martkist.

To allow for Martkist to continue to function uninterrupted, developers have set up a live testing area of the hub. The hub was vigorously tested behind the scenes to iron out any potential problems that may arise for the end-user, however just like with anything, there may have been some bugs that slipped through the cracks. Therefore, those involved with the development of the platform and hub have created a simulation that uses live working parameters to offer the closest emulation possible. The development team greatly encourages all community members to give it a try, report any bugs that they may encounter and provide constructive feedback allowing the community to continue to flourish. It is of no surprise that in such a short period of time Martkist has shown real promise by respecting their community and becoming one with them.

Hub experience

Taking part in “decentralized anarchy” just got a whole lot easier. The graphical user interface that has been developed really makes Martkist even more accessible to a wider audience. Not only is it easy on the eye, which is always a plus, but it is also simple to use and that is often a sign of an extremely well-developed product. Whether you’re new to crypto or a seasoned veteran, activities such as proposal creation, voting of proposals (masternode owners), access to latest Martkist news and engagement with the community is now only a few clicks away.

The effort required to keep track of transactions on Martkist has also been greatly reduced. Each user’s QT wallet keeps track of all of the proposals made, further reducing the effort required by the end-user. This update once made live, will enable those involved in the marketplace to focus on the primary objective of them being on the platform, to trade. Martkist is doing everything within their power to allow for a seamless connection between customer and seller, making the process as close to a child’s play as possible. Overall this allows for a much smoother experience and is likely to be one of the many reasons why more and more people will begin to take notice of the platform and inevitably help the community grow.

Community is really and truly at the heart of Martkist, it is Martkist. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, MARTK was never available for premine or ICO. This means, from the very beginning the community that believed in the project were able to help Martkist grow organically. If one is to look at Martkist from an outsider’s perspective, they will see a platform that reflects the wants and needs of its community.


If you haven’t used Martkist yet, now is the perfect time to get involved. With an ever-growing community, developers that actually listen and take action, as well as a collective vision that is likely to revolutionize the way e-commerce takes place, this is most definitely something you want to be a part of. Join the community today and be part of the movement that has brought decentralized anarchy into existence.