Baby EverDoge | Bringing back Buy Backs to Crypto Industry Under a Deflationary Model

Baby EverDoge | Bringing back Buy Backs to Crypto Industry Under a Deflationary Model

Baby EverDoge

After a few days of its launch, Baby EverDoge is ruling as one of the trending assets on Crypto Gain. Baby EverDoge, a digital asset and a DeFi coin, is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A one-of-its-kind smart coin, Baby EverDoge also has an automatic buyback function that buybacks and burns the coin. This cryptocurrency is built by including the best features of other crypto coins, making it an innovative and unique system.

Innovative Buy Back

There are other crypto coins with Buy Back option, but the one with Baby EverDoge is built differently. Here the buy back is pseudo-automated, against other platforms which have automated buyback systems. With Baby EverDoge, the buyback system is manually controlled to restrict some users from exploiting the system.

Automated buybacks have a predefined amount. Irrespective of the amount transacted, the buy-back amount wouldn’t change. With Baby EverDoge, the development team can monitor the transaction progress and take a decision for the buyback. The manual control is to ensure the coin’s stability.

Built With Trust and Transparency

Besides being a cryptocurrency platform that helps its users earn and grow, the Baby EverDoge will also act as an IDO launchpad for other projects to gain an audience. As it is based on BSC, Baby EverDoge will help new coins access a popular market location to raise funds for the project and establish a foothold.

The idea behind Baby EverDoge is to help its community find a better solution to interact with cryptocurrency. From an idea to a functional platform, Baby EverDoge saw growth based on the experience of crypto traders, marketers, business developers, and social media experts.

In an era, where the investors have to deal with scams and rug pulls, the proof of existence and development is a welcome addition to the ecosystem.

Tokenomics, Distribution, and Kraken

Baby EverDoge works on a deflationary model. With a gradual decrease in supply, the users can expect the value of their currency to increase. On every transaction, there is 11% tax that is to be paid by the users. Out of this 11%, 3% goes to marketing, 2% is redistributed to the investors, and 6% is sent to a pool for buy-back functions. The dedicated buy-back pool is called Kraken.

The buyback coins bought from the accumulated coins in the Kraken will be burned forever, giving Baby EverDoge its deflationary protocol.

About Baby EverDoge

Baby EverDoge works on the lines of a deflationary cryptocurrency system with a reformed buyback mechanism. Every transaction on the platform is taxed and the tax amount is redistributed among different heads. The community can benefit from a higher value of the coin, whereas the investors will get a dedicated reward amount for their contribution. Baby EverDoge is a safe, transparent, and fully audited platform that works for the benefit of the community on the whole.