BarterTrade – Welcoming the masses

BarterTrade – Welcoming the masses

Barter Trade

One of the greatest hurdles that are stopping the masses from getting involved with crypto is the assumed complexity of this ‘new’ currency system. While there is some really good information available on the internet to educate those that are interested, it can be overwhelming at times and this, therefore, limits the number of people that are willing to get involved with this innovative way of decentralising finance.

BarterTrade aims to make the ability to trade in the crypto world as user-friendly as possible. Not only will this allow for those that are new to crypto the opportunity to get involved, but it will also provide seasoned veterans with a more visually pleasing and reliable service than they are currently used to.

What is BarterTrade?

BarterTrade is a trading platform that allows for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets to be traded in a user-friendly manner. It has been designed specifically to make it as accessible as possible to a wider audience, the developers are fully aware of the potential such a platform can have in regards to bringing greater interest to the crypto world. While accessibility is important, they’ve made sure to put a significant amount of focus on safety too, allowing for their platform to be both easy to use and safe to use.

Community first

The team at BarterTrade have been part of the crypto world in one form or another for a while. They have seen projects grow successfully and others burst into flames. First and foremost, they want those that use BarterTrade to feel like they are part of a close-knit community. A place where they can share their thoughts, where their opinions are heard and action is taken to address concerns raised by the community.

BarterTrade specifically want community members to be vocal about their thoughts regarding the platform and how they wish for it to grow. The intention being to allow members to feel that the project is just as much theirs as it is the developers, the collaboration leading to a version of the platform that would not have been able to be achieved without the essential input of its users.

Not your average exchange

Although you will be able to trade cryptocurrencies on the platform, that won’t be the only way you can earn through using BarterTrade. The opportunity to use your crypto assets to gamble is also possible, the opportunity to play poker, make live sports bets, and other such popular risk management games will be available for those that are inclined to take part in those sorts of activities.

IEO – Your chance to get involved

What is an IEO? You may have heard of ICOs before, but IEOs are quickly becoming the new way of investing in projects. Simply put, an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will give investors additional assurance regarding the investment they are making in a project. There have been many ICO scams that have happened in the past and IEOs ensure that both the development team and investors are well looked after.

Does BarterTrade sound like a project you’d love to be a part of? You’re not the only one! There are a couple of steps that you will have to take however to get involved. Firstly, you’ll need to know when the IEO is taking place, mark June 25th in your calendar, this will be the first opportunity you’ll have to get involved with BarterTrade. Next, you’ll need to be set yourself up on ExMarkets to be able to get stuck in (try making sure to get this done well before the IEO day to ensure that any potential issues are overcome before launch).

BarterTrade have their own coin (BRT) which will power all of the utilities and actions on the exchange, grab some BRT as soon as you can if you believe in more accessible crypto trading for the masses!


BarterTrade aims to bring the crypto world to the masses and they have laid out the foundation to allow for this to be possible. With a simple to use interface, focus on community input, and desire to be the favorite option for both the newbie and veteran they are likely to find success within a short period. Make sure to mark the 25th of June in your calendar, it’ll be your first opportunity to get involved with something truly innovative.

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