B One Payment – Crypto Wallet

B One Payment – Crypto Wallet

B One Payment

B One Payment is starting to become recognized in the crypto world for being a secure wallet that you can rely on when choosing a mobile-friendly wallet (exclusively for Android users currently with an iOS version on the horizon). While it started as a wallet that could be used primarily for community coins, it has now grown significantly, bringing on more integration and growing its community in the process.

B One Payment is heavily community based and the team interacts with their community on a daily basis to ensure the wallet is tailored to the needs of those that call B One Payment their wallet of choice. While there are many benefits of having such a close connection to their community, one that is of great interest to projects looking to get integrated into this promising crypto wallet is the voting system.

How voting works on B One Payment

If you have a crypto project that is starting to catch the attention of B One Payment users, they are likely to hear about you very soon. Their voting system allows their users to bring to their attention the coins they feel deserve the recognition for the value they are bringing to the ever-evolving crypto universe. They believe this is a fair method to allow for promising projects to get a boost while ensuring that their community is well looked after.

What is up for grabs?

There are many benefits that a project can capitalize on if they come out on top in the voting competitions. Free integration into B One Payment is one of the main benefits, allowing for integration to happen seamlessly while allowing the team to use their finances elsewhere to improve their project as a whole. This, however, is not the only benefit, they’ll also be given the opportunity to piggyback B One Payment’s growing social media presence and have their project broadcasted to a total of over 100,000 people and last but not least they’ll get to enjoy free buy/sell service on B1P.store.

Here are some of the latest winners

Coinsto Token (CSO)

It should be of no surprise that Coinsto has been looked on very favorably by B One Payment’s community members. Coinsto offers a platform for those with the knowledge to share what they’ve learned with the general public while receiving a digital financial reward for it. It is an excellent idea that is likely to pick up in popularity as wider exposure of the project takes place. Knowledge is power, we look forward to seeing Coinsto grow, content creators on the platform can now store their Coinsto Tokens in their B One Payment wallet.

Nimfex (NFX)

Even before COVID-19 hit, online shopping was huge, now even more so. Quickly becoming the go-to means of purchasing goods. Nimfex provides the ability to purchase products online with their payment system, employing the latest technical know-how to provide a service that is the next-gen regarding decentralized online payment.

BAZ token (BAZT)

An interesting project that provides its users with the ability to bet on e-sports, sports in general, and other such activities. With the growing popularity of e-sports and the pandemic which has shut down most traditional sports, there is an amazing opportunity here for this project to take off, B One Payment users also believe this to be the case and voted it in as a winner.

TheWorldsAMine (WRLD)

Not enough funds are getting to those who need it. TheWorldsAMine aims to change that. As a movement, they are doing their best to ensure that the most vulnerable people, communities, and groups are provided with the support they desperately need. To ensure their endeavor is future proof and free from the grip of corruption, they knew the financial aspect of the endeavor had to be crypto-based.


B One Payment is growing in leaps and bounds. Quickly becoming the go-to wallet for many people around the world. The team is always keen to hear about the latest crypto projects that hope to be integrated to their wallet. If you have a project or know of a project that you think deserves the boosts that B One Payment provides its winners, feel free to get in contact with them today.

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April 8, 2020