BEER MONEY: Blockchain Project for the Craft Beer Industry

BEER MONEY: Blockchain Project for the Craft Beer Industry


BEER MONEY is a blockchain project that is designed to maximize the potential of two growing industries. These are the crypto industry and the craft beer industry. In the recent past, the two industries, while still small, have experienced phenomenal growth.

About the Project

The project has a very goal. Once the IEO is done, they will use the proceeds to create a craft beer plant. Since craft beer is already becoming quite popular, they expect to see a lot of growth. They will then begin to market their products and soon after, they will build pubs for the craft beer. The aim is to create a closed ecosystem, which creates utility for the BEER tokens.

About the BEER Tokens

The BEER token is powered by the Nem blockchain. There will be an initial supply of 400 million BEER tokens. With time, the tokens will be reduced to 80 million. To achieve this, the team behind the project plans to use some of the profits they make in a buyback scheme to reduce the supply of the BEER tokens.

Create Real-World Use Cases for BEER Tokens

In the current economy, there are very few use cases for crypto. Most establishments will only accept payments in fiat currencies. However, the BEER MONEY project aims to change all that. They will launch pubs where customers can pay using BEER tokens and other crypto coins. Thus, if you hold a huge amount of crypto, you do not have to bother converting your holdings into cash before you can make a purchase.

The team will also create a mobile app, which you can use to order goods and pay in crypto. Once you make payments in a crypto coin of your choice, the goods are sent to your doorstep. To encourage the growth of the BEER token use, customers will be given discounts if they pay for services and goods in BEER. Besides that, app partners within the BEER MONEY ecosystem will receive some benefits for helping to grow the value of BEER tokens with real-world use cases.

By having a token supported by the fast-growing craft beer industry, the team behind BEER MONEY hopes to eliminate a major problem in the crypto market. Today, most participants in the crypto market are only interested in speculating on the price of crypto coins.

As a result, which crypto was created to help ease the process of making transactions, most of them use their coins to trade. It represents a major deviation from the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. BEER MONEY is going to help bring back the real-world use cases for which crypto was intended. It will be a token backed by a strong product in the market- something many other cryptocurrencies lack.

Why the Craft Beer Sector

Craft beer has experienced major growth in popularity in recent times. The main reason why so many people prefer craft beer is that unlike beer produced by major manufacturers, it is more flavorful. To achieve this, makers of craft beer use only natural products unlike other beers, which utilize many additives.

Besides that, since the craft beer sector is still growing, it means that there a huge potential to experience massive amounts of growth. In general, unlike other established industries, the craft beer sector offers opportunities for exponential growth.

Backing for the BEER Tokens

An artisan beer business will back the BEER tokens and it will be rolled out after the IEO. The initial price of the tokens will be 0.05 USD. The price of the craft beer will be 20 BEER tokens at official BEER MONEY pubs. That will be the price of whether the value of the tokens dropped at the time the transaction takes place.

Besides being useful for purchasing craft beer, BEER tokens will be available for sale on crypto exchanges where they are listed. To help ensure stability in the price of the tokens, the company behind them will use 45% of their profits to purchase back the BEER tokens.

For those who want to trade BEER token, it is available on the Vindax, Whitebit and Latoken exchanges.


The BEER MONEY project has a sustainable and practical business model to back up its tokens. As the crypto industry looks for growth, many people will increasingly turn to crypto tokens that offer real-world use cases. No doubt, the project could help to boost the adoption of crypto in the real world, especially since it is targeted at craft beer, which is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.