Belfrics Group Joins DIT to Create A Blockchain Skill-driven Initiative

Belfrics Group Joins DIT to Create A Blockchain Skill-driven Initiative

Belfrics Group

Based on a recent report, a joint initiative has been announced by Belfrics Group which is one of the largest international blockchain cooperation of the world alongside Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), one of the leading technology and engineering institutes in Tanzania and the East African region. This is in order to allow growth in skilled and talented technology professionals for blockchain.

The Belfrics Academy SDN BHD

The development is expected to be spearheaded by the research, international training and skill development division of Belfrics Group of Companies called Belfrics Academy SDN BHD which will help attend to the knowledge-gap and the rapidly expanding needs of Blockchain Talents within the industry.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Belfrics Group of Companies,  Praveenkumar Vijayakumar while giving a statement said that:

“We all know that the Internet is filled with the so many online courses on Blockchain technology. But the sad reality is that the quality of talent and knowledge that is out there, is not even close to what the industry needs. There is still a humungous knowledge-gap and a huge void in terms of the quality and quantity of blockchain talent in the market. This is not only an Africa problem; this is a world problem! And we are happy to have associated with an esteemed institute like DIT which is synonymous with technology as an industry.”

DIT is one of the leading startups in the industry within the space of capacity building for the latest technologies and it is of the belief that blockchain is the next big thing which will change digitally, especially in Africa.

Belfrics Group likewise has always been one of the leading cooperations leading the expansion of blockchain worldwide. It has worked alongside financial regulators, conglomerates, and government bodies to create a blockchain-ready infrastructure. It is presently available in the Middle East, Africa, South America regions, and Asia.