FLITS mobile App: Staking and Owning a Masternode Made Easy

FLITS mobile App: Staking and Owning a Masternode Made Easy

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As important as making money is, so is managing and monitoring your investment. For those planning to invest in crypto in the long run, it is important that you know that buying and holding your coins while hoping, praying or wishing for the price and overall value of coins in your portfolio to increases overtime is not the only way to earn. There are several other ways to make money off the crypto market for those who are not in a rush to make fast money from trading.

Currently, apart from buying coins and waiting, a long term investor can also: become a Staker or buy some masternodes. These two methods of making money off the crypto market are almost sure fire and guaranteed to make you money from the market. Although a small percentage return on investment, compared to how high the market has moved in the past over a short period of time, staking and buying a masternode is a safer bet.

For those who have spent some time in the crypto market, by now it should be clear to you that everything is a little bit technical on the deeper level. For example, hosting a masternode is a task that can or should be done by someone who is vast when it comes to networking or knows his or her way around a computer system. For those who are interested in becoming a staker or master node owner, there are many complicated activities you must follow.

These processes are complicated for the most average user and should be left to experts.
Fortunately, advancement in blockchain adoption has brought about a cheaper, faster and more straight forward alternative to going about staking and buying a masternode.
Of the latest easy methods available to go about staking and running a masternode, one of the easiest and a perfect example of keeping it stupid and simple (KISS) is the FLITS mobile App.

The FLITS mobile App

Flits is a mobile app, which can be used to manage all your investments on your phone. The app is going to simplify the investment process for you. Deposit the bitcoin and buy the number of coins you want directly. Then start a (shared) masternode, but also you can stake coins. Thereafter you can sell your reward (automatically) through use of the app. This app function removes the need for using the exchanges.
Flits share the same creators with the Klimatas and Dutch Crypto Works project. Flits is the Dutch word for ‘flash’ which is a synonym for the word ‘fast’.
Using the Flits app, users will get a lot of features. Here are few of them that allows managing investments anywhere, anytime.

Deposition and Investment Bitcoin

With the Flits app, Bitcoin can be deposited and after being confirmed twice, it will be added to the account balance. After deposition, the funds can be used for investment in either staking coins or masternode. Any desired sum can be used to stake or invest partially in a masternode.

Returns from the investment can be sold directly for Bitcoin. In the future, however, other coins such as USDT or Litecoin might be used for payment.

Starting a Masternode Is Just A Few Clicks Away

Coins deposited in the Flits app can be used to open either a complete or shared master node. Once the masternode is full and ready to run, a push message alert will appear on the phone and the master node starts operation. In order to get a dedicated masternode, investment has to be made in the collateral. This can be set up by the Flit teams.


The Flits platform is designed to allow staking for all the coins that are available on it. The amount deposited by the owner of the account determines the reward and rewards will be given out four times in a day.


With the over six years of experience in security coding which has been garnered by the Project team, the servers are highly protected. The project’s team intends to carry out a security audit at the end of every month, and also, two-factor authentication will be set up using the owner’s phone number.

Flits Coin

This is the platform’s native coin. The cryptocurrency has its own advantages and it is expected to function as a payment device for all characteristics contained in the Flits app.

The subscription fee for the Flits app services includes:

  • $ 7.49 per month for full collateral when paying with a different currency
  • $ 4.99 per month for full collateral when paying with FLS

When a subscriber invests in more than 10 masternodes, he or she is given a 10% discount on a monthly basis. But, an investment in the pre-sale will grant the subscriber a premium status in the app and ultimately gets a discount of 50% forever.

Staking and buying a master node has never been this easier. For those who are currently on the sideline and want to enter the crypto market while being exposed to the smallest risk possible, this is your chance. Visit the Flits platform and download the app to get started.