Ben Franklin Technology Partners Launches Blockchain-Enabled Onboarding and Tokenization Platform

Ben Franklin Technology Partners Launches Blockchain-Enabled Onboarding and Tokenization Platform

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Based on a recent report, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Ben Franklin) which is a top provider of seed capital has made it known that it now has its own onboarding and tokenisation platform which is blockchain-enabled. This will help to organise and manage investor who is interested in the Global Opportunity Philadelphia Fund (GO Philly Fund).

Ben Franklin and Securitize

Ben Franklin is utilising Securitize (a compliance platform for digitizing securities on the blockchain) for the compliance of the issuance and management of digital securities on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform also manages accredited investor compliance and KYC/ AML.

With the new blockchain-enabled platform, a limited partnership in the GO Philly Fund can be forged. These are tagged as digital “GO Philly Tokens” and they are in compliance with the ERC-20 standard which is applied worldwide.

The tokens which can now be purchased at will be issued electronically by the fund at $0.50 per GO Philly Token.

Also, individual investors can subscribe for the tokens via the platform with currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or US dollars.

However, prospective investors have to apply to subscribe for a minimum of $250,000 or BTC or ETH with similar value.

The Chief Investment Officer at Ben Franklin, Scott Nissenbaum while explaining the reason for creating the blockchain-based platform said that:

“The GO Philly Fund intends to utilize rapidly emerging standard technologies to streamline and manage investor interests in the fund,” “Through the use of blockchain technology, we are now facilitating and streamlining individual investor participation from around the globe while allowing for cryptocurrency to be accepted.” He added.

The news of the onboarding and tokenisation blockchain-based platform comes after the opening of GO Philly Fund which is a regional enterprise through which private investors get to invest in a wide range of early-stage companies which are focused on technology and are situated in the Greater Philadelphia region. This venture has raked in over $15 million and it is set to provide about $59 million in capital alongside Ben Franklin’s investments.