Top Five Crypto Events of the Week April 6-12, 2019

Top Five Crypto Events of the Week April 6-12, 2019

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Several events took place during the course of the just concluded week. However, only five out of these events will be highlighted below.

Bithumb Accrued a Total Loss Of $180 million (205.5 billion won) In 2018

Based on a recent report, Bithumb which is the largest virtual currency exchange in South Korea has revealed that in 2018, the exchange ran at a net loss of 205.5 billion won which is equivalent to $180 million and the bear market which took place in 2017 has been stated as the major reason for the loss. Another reason cited was the infrastructure and cost of labour.

Biggest Business Organization In The World Now Offers Blockchain Technology To Members

According to a recent report, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) which is the world’s biggest business organization has forged a partnership with Perlin, a blockchain company based in Singapore in order to improve the chain of supply process at member firms thereby making them more transparent and traceable. Members of ICC include Coca Cola, PayPal, McDonald’s, FedEx and Amazon.

Albertsons Companies Joins IBM’s Food Trust Blockchain

A recent report has revealed that Albertans Companies which is the second-largest supermarket company in terms of sales has joined a Food Trust Blockchain owned by IBM which is a digital system used for the tracking and tracing food between retailers and suppliers.

Coinbase Launches a Visa Debit Card Allowing It’s Customers To Spend Their Savings

Coinbase, a virtual currency exchange has recently created a Visa Debit card with which its clients in both the U.K. and E.U. can spend their digital coins directly from their Coinbase accounts.

Bittrex’s Application For A BitLicense Has Been Rejected

Recently, Bittrex, a Seattle-based crypto exchange which applied for a BitLicense has been denied the license by the Department of Financial Services in New York. A publication by NYDFS states that there were several reasons behind the decision which is the first of such for the past two years.