BGL Token | Offering Big Rewards From Lotterries With New Features

BGL Token | Offering Big Rewards From Lotterries With New Features

BGL token

The BGL Token’s new dashboard went live, and it has brought great news for the community members. With four new lotteries and even bigger prizes, the BGL token is ready to bring a rewarding experience for the users. With regularly generating passive rewards and an innovative ecosystem, the Big G Lottery is based on a fast-performing smart chain. It rewards the users with the last man standing wallet system and gives several prizes, including a Mercedes G Wagon.

How the Lottery System Works?

Any user can buy tickets from the dashboard. Users holding the native BGL tokens can further benefit from this lottery system as they get more use cases.

The platform has its own lottery ball machine and the draws from the machine will be broadcasted on all the social media channels adopted by the BGL token live. Besides the G Wagon offered as a prize, members can also get 1 Bitcoin, Rolex watches, and Play Stations. Users can even win NFTs as lottery prizes and win other luxurious items or even cash prizes.

On BGL, users can also invite more people by sharing their unique affiliate links. Users can also earn 10% from every ticket that is sold via their unique affiliate link. The affiliate link system is tiered facilitating a payment down system which is even more beneficial for users who create an affiliate team. This is a game changer in regards to Big G lottery tokens traction.

BGL Play to Earn System

Users can choose and play from multiple games available on the platform. Every game will present an equal opportunity for the users to win rewards. If the house wins, rewards will be sent to the dedicated pools, and the amount will be burned or used for buybacks.

All these aspects make the BGL platform user-friendly. More games will be launched in the future in addition to the existing ones. These games will be added after entering into partnerships with third-party providers and will be released gradually.

Staking and Farming System on BGL

Users can also stake and farm BGL tokens on the platform. The staking and farming options are being developed, and the details will be shared once these systems are live and running.

The users can stake the BGL tokens to earn more BGL tokens and other cryptocurrencies, including BNB and BUSD.

There is also an NFT staking system. Every lottery ticket is an NFT in itself, and these tickets can be used to earn more rewards. The VAULT will hold all the NFT tickets purchased, and the users can earn rewards from there.

The Last Man Standing

In a strategic move, the users of the BGL token ecosystem can also win rewards from the exclusive reserve of BUSD tokens. The last man standing is a wallet implemented to ensure the platform’s inclusiveness and exclusivity.

1% of every buy transaction is directed to the last man standing wallet and 2% of every sell transaction is also sent to the same wallet. By the end of 7 days, the users still holding the BGL tokens will be announced as winners. Users must hold 0.1% of the total token supply to participate in this system.

Tokenomics and Additional Details

Users will pay 10% tax on buy and 14% tax on sell transactions. Moreover, there are 6 project wallets, and each of them will receive a certain share from the total supply. Out of the total supply, 25% of tokens are locked. The Big G Lottery platform is audited by CERTIK, and it has been listed on CoinMarketCap.

About BGL Token

BGL Token is an innovative and high-reward generating platform built by an experienced team. The impressive tokenomics and in-built functions will help users earn big rewards from different types of transactions, including lottery, play-to-earn, staking, and farming. Users can earn these rewards in the native BGL tokens, BUSD, and even BNB.

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